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Here you will find all the latest enterprises, events, and engagements that SKCF got itself involved in.

Fundraiser for the Underprivileged

Fundraiser for the Underprivileged

Fundraiser is a way of raising money for an organization. Have you ever encountered underprivileged kids who wish to study but are deprived of education due to poverty? Have you come across little ones trapped as child labourers on the streets of your city?  How often have you wished to help them but could not […]



“Menstruation is a small price you pay for being blessed with the grandest gift you can ever wish for, and that is, to have the privilege to give birth.” – Tshetrim Tharchen But still, menstruation remains one of the most taboo topics in our country even today. Shunning the women who speak up about it, […]

Independence Day Celebration at SKCF

Independence Day Celebration at SKCF

The Independence Day celebration of SKCF happened on 14 August 2022 in Janakpuri. At SKCF, we call our volunteers superheroes and our organisation a family. This family comprises our students, volunteers, directors and associates. Why do we refer to our organisation as a family? It’s not for the namesake, rather it is how we have […]


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Administered Earlier

Here is the recollection of not only the events that we conducted but also the memories that we created!

Holi Bash

The drizzling of the rainwater with crispbread pakoras and re-energize juice as refreshment withal Gujiyas making the festival outright mention to the occasion. The celebration was celebrate with an enthusiastic dance performance adding colour to the holy festival of colours.

Striving to bring merry smiles to the beautiful innocent faces intensified our spirits to make this event indelible.

Meditation Classes

self-analysis is the key to lead a healthy life for which meditation is a felicitous pathway. Commenced from 5th January and being in operation thus far, these classes are held regularly for the overall healthcare of children.

Jacket Distribution

To fight the harshness of the cold winter our team customized 120 new jackets for the students at SKCF children from the funds collected. The fittings of the jacket were designed according to the size of the respective students.

Republic Day Celebration

Reviving the spirit of patriotism, the team SKCF saluted the freedom fighters through a compact yet animated event to instill the sentiments of children towards the country. As far as the eye could see, everything was decorate with tricolor flags, kites, and posters. The children at one corner standing sincerely with balloons and brooches. To sum up, it was a heartwarming and engaging event.

Lohri Celebration

Demolishing unrequited negative energies and hoping for bliss in our lives, our team celebrated Lohri, an promising festival to denote the end of winter. A bonfire was also arranged to continue with the traditions and culture.

Educational Excursions and Picnics

In order to keep a balance with study and play our team keenly prepare excursions and picnics for our students. We believe observing the concepts in reality fosters a stronger base. To bring roundness to a personality, travelling is a key element. Numerous trips to museums, cricket stadiums and ancient monuments were undertaken by our team which largely helped students in giving an opportunity to explore nature and study.

Rallies and Festivals

It is a known fact that children are the future of the country and to lead a brighter future we must implant a sense of responsibility among our children. Keeping in mind the sensitivity of the minds of children, our team tirelessly tries to bring awareness about certain issues prevailing in our society, such as the importance of trees and the hazards of plastic.

Festivals add colour to our lives and we believe our lives are fragmented without the merry smiles on the faces of our children. SKCF credits the community, as well as the students as family, and a festival, celebrated apart for the family is incomplete. Therefore our team always enjoys the magic brought by the festivals together with our children, whether it be Holi or Diwali we all sail in the same boat.