Fundraiser for the Underprivileged

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Fundraiser is a way of raising money for an organization. Have you ever encountered underprivileged kids who wish to study but are deprived of education due to poverty? Have you come across little ones trapped as child labourers on the streets of your city? 

How often have you wished to help them but could not help because you are very well aware that providing them with little money will not make their larger-than-life problems any easier? However, one thing can uplift their socioeconomic condition- Education. 

We at SK Children Foundation strive toward educating underprivileged children and uplifting them. For the same, we organised a fundraiser at North Campus, the University of Delhi, on 9 September 2022 and 12 September 2022. 

The Fundraiser

SK Children Foundation held a lemonade stall fundraiser near Sudama Tea Stall in North Campus, DU. The SKCF volunteers prepared the lemonade and sold it with the motto ‘Every penny of yours will go to a good cause. Each lemonade glass had a price of Rs. 20. Given their increased awareness of the issue, the donors purchased happily.

The Content Writing domain and Human Resource domain of SKCF organized this fundraiser. This campaign to raise money was extremely successful.  It lasted for two days, during which the volunteers worked from 2 pm to 5:30 pm IST. The locals also helped us to set up the lemonade stall.  

SKCF volunteer team on 9 September 2021

On the first day, Shobhita Gulati, Prakriti Prakash, Vikas Kumar, Himanshi Mehra, Pooja Yadav, Dipali Chatnani, Aman Patel, and Neha Gehlot from both domains volunteered for the fundraiser.

“The fundraiser was wonderful. I got to work with an amazing team and learnt a lot about management and team spirit. I want more fundraisers like this,” Shobita Gulati, mentor of Content Domain said.

“It was the best offline experience with SKCF. I volunteered on both days, and it was wonderful. We get to know each other better and learn teamwork. We faced certain issues, but the team efforts made everything go smoothly,”  Prakriti Prakash, Head of the Content Domain who led the team on 9 September, remarked.

On 12th September, the volunteer team comprised Pooja Yadav, Prakriti Prakash, Rita Sinha,  Khyati Arya, Neha Gehlot, and Shalu Yadav under the leadership of Preeti, Mentor of the HR domain.

SKCF volunteer team on 12 September

Image Credits: Preeti

Response from the donors at fundraiser

Knowing that the donations would support underprivileged kids made our customers happy. We received positive feedback from them. People wanted to know more about who we are and what we do at SK Children Foundation. Many of them even showed interest in volunteering for the organisation. Overall, the hard work of both teams made the fundraiser successful. Not only the current volunteers but ex-volunteers of SKCF contributed enthusiastically. 

We all are born human and deserve good things, but the difference comes because some are born privileged while others are not. Our proud donors made us realise that together all of us can make the world a better place to live for the underprivileged section. SKCF thanks all the volunteers for their efforts and donors for their contribution and assures that it will try its best to educate the underprivileged talented children. 



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