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Independence Day celebrations

On August 13, 2023, the SKCF orchestrated an Independence Day celebration that resounded with patriotic fervour and left an indelible mark on all who attended. This event, an embodiment of unity and enthusiasm, united over 300 attendees, including students, parents, and distinguished guests, in a chorus of celebration and national pride. The echoes of this day’s success will undoubtedly resonate for years.

Amid this vibrant gathering, the distinguished guests, each a luminary in their field, brought an aura of distinction to the occasion. The presence of Miss India Maanya Singh, exuding grace and poise, along with Mr Pranav Menon (Director, India is Us), Dr Shaurya Garg, and the visionary Founder of Yes Doctor Private Limited, Ms Ayushi Singh, elevated the celebration’s grandeur to new heights.


The Independence Day celebration commenced with a solemn ritual – the lighting of lamps, symbolizing the dispelling of darkness and the dawn of knowledge and hope. The unfurling of the national flag was a moment that held the promise of freedom and progress for the nation and its people. The felicitation of the esteemed guests followed, acknowledging their invaluable contribution to society and the occasion.

Independence Day celebrations

At the heart of the Independence Day celebration was Mr Raghav Sharma, the visionary founder of the SKCF. His impassioned speech echoed through the attendees’ hearts, igniting a renewed sense of purpose and dedication to the betterment of the nation and its children. His words, filled with wisdom and hope, served as a clarion call for unity, progress, and the pursuit of excellence.

Adding an exuberant burst of color and energy were the students, whose cultural performances in music and dance reverberated throughout the venue. Their spirited presentations encapsulated the essence of India’s rich heritage and diversity, reminding everyone of the nation’s unity in its diversity.

Independence Day celebrations

An oath-taking ceremony followed, where students, parents, and attendees pledged their commitment to the nation’s growth and prosperity. This moment of unity further underscored the significance of the day and the shared aspirations that bind every citizen. Amidst the fervor and celebration, a refreshing interlude provided attendees with an opportunity to bond, share stories, and forge connections that would extend beyond the event. The power of unity and camaraderie was palpable as everyone present basked in the spirit of the occasion.

The profound impact of this Independence Day celebration extended beyond the immediate gathering. The jubilant spirit, the camaraderie, and the shared commitment to the nation’s progress caught the attention of prominent media houses. Their coverage captured the essence of the celebration, immortalizing the joy, hope, and unity that pervaded the event.

The SKCF’s Independence Day celebration was not merely a day of festivity; it was a poignant reminder of the nation’s values, progress, and unity. The event’s success hinged on the collective spirit of students, parents, distinguished guests, and the visionary founder, Mr. Raghav Sharma. As the echoes of the celebration lingered on, they reminded all present that the path to a better, brighter India is illuminated by unity, hope, and unwavering commitment.

Independence Day celebrations

The echoes of this event have reverberated across the platforms of over 5 prominent media houses, magnifying the significance of this achievement for our NGO and our devoted volunteers. This moment stands as a testament to the collective dedication and unwavering spirit that each volunteer has contributed. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to every volunteer, whose tireless efforts have played an instrumental role in making this achievement a reality.



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