Educational Excursions and Picnics

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Travel, in the younger sort, is the part of education; in the elder, a part of the experience.

   ~Francis Bacon                     

Excursions are requisite for a mature application mindset, better perception and a pleasurable journey to know ourselves. We crave the truth of nature by exploring things around us and uncover realities. SKCF mainly focuses on inculcating the practical importance of education among students and enhances their thinking capacity. We believe that our education is not limited to classrooms and books, but the outer world in itself is one of the best sources of all the information we need. This also increases social interaction among teachers and students.

We have organized many such memorable tours including:

Rashtrapati Bhavan

Presidential monuments with alluring architecture have always been a source of political and social insights. It is located at Rajpath, New Delhi and is famous for its spacious halls, museums, guest rooms and offices. These sites are not only pleasurable locations but impart social education to students, related to our country’s president, political leaders, as to why they are important and what roles they have in our nation etc. This enhances their interest in political issues and increases awareness among children. These tours develop an interest in civics, social sciences and other related courses for having eye-catching architecture and design. SKCF’s efforts are admirable as our whole team enjoyed taking pictures and small refreshments. Students got great learning stuff related to the culture and history of India and about former presidents. It was one of the many marvellous educational excursions which showed commendable dedication and work done by SKCF. 

Aeroplanet museum

To explore aircraft and gain realistic views of jet planes, boarding, use of belts and oxygen masks-Aeroplanet campus is the best place to go.

A trip to Aeroplanet with full security and safety arrangements was planned where students were delighted by the inside view of an Airbus. They were enthusiastic to know about the activities happening inside that model. The Student’s keen participation and bursting curiosity along with wonder brought a lot of energy to the group. There was a timely distribution of snacks and sandwiches so that the students could experience a proper outing and explore their surroundings with the same enthusiasm. Students interacted with the staff to further increase their knowledge. On completion of the trip, the students were quite satisfied and happy and had a lot to share with their friends and family.

Rajokri cricket stadium

The Rajokri Cricket Stadium is a solo cricket stadium at Rajokri village, New Delhi with provisions like washrooms, street parking and potable water supply.  The arena suited the best for our students. SKCF approached Mr Radhe Shayam Sharma, India’s former cricket coach for our sports event, to judge our student’s performances. He was impressed with their overwhelming participation in different programs and proposed to watch their upcoming cricket tournaments, to enhance various sports strategies and for a bright future in this stream. Various competitions were held where 25-30 students got selected for the final programs. All students were super excited and participated in events with great zeal, there were great hustle and bustle all around. Later on, trophies and gift hampers were distributed to the winners while appreciating all the participants. In the future, we’ll organize many such sports events and games because “a healthy mind resides in a healthy body”. Classroom education and sports must go hand in hand. We believe that an inspiring movie sometimes gives deep insights into reality and our young generation usually take it for granted and for that we’re planning a movie screening of a super hit movie “super 30”, to inspire our students to strive for constant betterment. 

India Gate

The India Gate is a historical monument in remembrance of 70,000 soldiers recognized as Amar Jawan Jyoti where the prime minister and other political leaders give tributes and pay their respects on every Republic Day.  Our excursion trip to India Gate was educational and simply inspiring. The whole team enjoyed the events while singing patriotic songs and learning Indian history. Students got to know about the historical moments, the saviours of our nation and many famous personalities and freedom fighters. Apart from that students were delighted with the refreshments- juice, dhoklas and light snacks distributed during the trip. We made efforts to impart valuable information such as historical victories achieved by the freedom fighters, the true nature of our liberty and privilege and how we have achieved it after numerous sacrifices and fights for our motherland. It was a riveting and fulfilling experience along with valuable knowledge gained by our students, who were willing to share their learnings with everyone else.

Mughal garden

The Mughal Garden is a Persian garden with rectilinear layouts that are perfectly synchronized with nature and are embellished with musical fountains with striking beauty all around. Relaxation is a usual state and our mind resides there. At SKCF, on a trip to these Gardens with all volunteers and children, we captured marvellous and breathtaking views of chirping birds, medicinal plants and fountains. Our children explored a wide variety of flora and fauna along with learning about their uses and applications. Volunteers were made in-charge of smaller groups of students in order to manage them better and take care of their needs. Refreshments were also served in plenty while the students admired the maintenance of such gardens and learned the importance of reducing pollution and contributing towards the betterment of the environment. Volunteers were alert about the whereabouts of the students all along the trip for their safety.

The security of students is our top priority and for that, detailed information is provided to their parents regarding our activities and trips and their proper consent is taken via parent-teacher meetings before we embark upon any such trip. For long excursions, we maintain first aid boxes, fresh medical kits and all valuable items needed so that we can take care of any emergencies. 

SKCF aims to make it possible for every child to experience the world around us virtually and tries to ensure that no child is ever devoid of enjoyment, experience and education. 


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