About Us

About Us



The Kick-Starter

Back in 2016, our founder Raghav Sharma came across a bunch of kids at an ice-cream stall. When the kids asked him to buy them ice-creams, he put forward a condition. He demanded them to recite English alphabets in exchange for the treat. To his utter disappointment, none of the kids could do so. That day he realised how stark the inequality of opportunity actually is. Taking matters into his own hands, he started teaching the kids around his home in Janakpuri. And this became a turning point in his life as he went on to become the founder of SK Children Foundation, an NGO, providing quality teaching to the underprivileged children of the society and much more. He has not looked back since then, nor he intends to.


Extracting the Unrealised Potential



Nutritious and healthy meals and refreshments are served to the students on a regular basis. Sweets, gifts, stationery, bags, etc. are distributed during festivals and events or as per their requirements.​


Keeping the age differences in mind, adaptive classes are held in which each faculty member teaches a small group of students at his or her own competence.​


Every festival, be it Diwali, Holi, Dussehra, Gurupurab, Gandhi Jayanti, and others, is celebrated. We emphasise the importance and values associated with each festivity, as well as how to incorporate them into our daily lives.​

Merrymaking ​

We believe students should be able to learn while having fun. For the same, we organise educational picnics and explorations for these young minds to learn and engage. We've visited places like Aeroplanet Dwarka, Mughal Gardens, and India Gate, to name a few.​


Catering to the educational needs of the children in the age group of 6-14 years, SKCF conducts offline and online classes 7 days a week encompassing a range of subjects like Maths, Science, English, Hindi, Social Sciences, etc.​


Sundays are activity days at Camp SKCF filled with fun sports like kho-kho, cricket, football, bowling, etc. Drawing and painting sessions are conducted along with regular meditation spells.​

   SKCF SUPPORTS CHILDREN AND YOUTH TO REACH                                          THEIR FULL POTENTIAL

Help is our Main Goal!

What do we do at SKCF? We initiate projects, arrange events, and hold regular classes to ensure that the underprivileged and impoverished are not deprived of fundamental essentials of existence.

Our Projects

Started in 2016, ‘Project Aashray' was the first project started by SKCF. It attempts to improve the lives of people who suffer from food insecurity and lack basic nutrition. The following year, SKCF launched the ‘Clothes Bring Smiles' project. Its goal is to meet the basic requirements for clothing among individuals who are in need. Project Udaan began in 2019 and is our most recent initiative. We stand for women's empowerment and believe that small steps, such as this project, can help us contribute to the same.

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Years of service

Our Events

In addition to providing free education and welfare programmes, the SK Children Foundation is vibrant and always ahead of the curve when it comes to activities and celebrations. Various events such as rangmanch, Republic Day celebrations, educational excursions, and so on have been held by us.

On Ground Classes

The teachers at SKCF forever thrive to give every student the right amount of attention to bring out the best of the children's abilities.  

Classes Timings

SKCF now holds sessions on all weekdays, ensuring that the education of our students is not disrupted. 

Our lives have been significantly affected by the lockdown. With on ground classes at pause, we decided to begin virtual classes. Virtual classrooms have unquestionably been the bearer of knowledge in such unpredictable and challenging times as these. 

For the children's better understanding, our teachers use diagrams and PowerPoint presentations. To observe and improve the learning of students, regular examinations, assignments, and periodic exams have been done. On Sundays, activities are held to keep their wonderful talents honed. We now educate children from across India to ensure that no child is left behind.