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“Kindness to animals is how humans demonstrate respect for the purity we have lost.”

Due to our hectic lives, we never give the small animals, like cats and dogs, strolling around our neighborhood a second thought. They are regarded as unimportant. A dog’s bark or a cat’s shivering scream may occasionally catch our attention but because it has no effect on our life, we quickly forget about it. The most crucial thing to remember is that many people don’t even care that they exist; some even go so far as to throw stones and firecrackers at them to just drive them away which is very painful. What we fail to remember is that it is our duty as humans to provide for the weak and defenseless species who rely on us.

It should be our duty to show kindness towards these voiceless creatures. Being human means being kind and we at SKCF believe in spreading kindness toward everyone, kindness towards humans, and kindness toward voiceless animals and our furry friends. In India, more than 10,000 dogs are killed in traffic accidents each year. Most accidents involving stray animals occur either due to poor lighting on roads or due to over-speeding. The actual number of animal accidents would be much greater in reality because in most cases the drivers speed away from the spot leaving the animals behind to die. Such acts of cruelty are very horrifying. 

SKCF wanted to take action to assist these mute canines. Therefore, on January 22, 2023, in CP, Delhi, we organized an event called “action for animals” where we tied fluorescent collars to dogs to help drivers to locate them at night, especially in winter. Additionally, SKCF also conducted an awareness campaign where we amplified our message through creative means like posters. Our volunteers did a survey on animal cruelty for knowing the current mindset of society.


This event was organized under our PROJECT SSA- SERVING STRAY ANIMALS which was launched in June 2021 under the UN Sustainable Development Goal Number 15, it is a project that aimed at providing proper nutrition to strays that had been adversely affected during the second wave of COVID. Since the initiation of this project, we have already fed 100+ stray dogs and cows. Our volunteers have also rescued various dogs and a bird during heavy rainfall and ensured that they get the required medical attention. 
This event “Action for animals” was our combined effort in helping stray animals. We will continue doing our part, and you should do the same. Let us all come together and try to be kind to our small friends.

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