So, What’s Beyond The Tea Gardens?

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~Chahat Kanchan

The End 

All journeys come to an end one day, some too soon and some a little later than expected. And just like these journeys, our virtual journey through the tea gardens of the east has also come to an end. We hope this virtual journey that you experienced was amazing. From the land of Mizos, through the land of the rising sun and the land of the hills, to the land of peace and serenity, we tried to bring you a virtual tour. Here is a conclusion that the series deserves.

The cultural significance, beauty and serenity of these places were highlighted in the series. This voyage of virtual exploration began with a journey as to how and why we chose this topic. During the Bharat Jodo Movement, campaigns involved travelling across the length and breadth of the country, talking to people. This motto of uniting the country brings us to the point of choosing this topic. 

A brief overview- 

1.  Manipur

 The Land Of Gems is unique in its own ways, with its culture and traditions. With several tourist attractions and a large number of developmental projects in the state, it is a famous tourist attraction. To know more about it, click on the link:  

2. Nagaland

 In a state that has a literacy rate of 83%, the people there are multilingual. The state is famous for its tribal culture and the great Hornbill Festival for creating harmony between the tribes is a sight for sore eyes. To know more, click on the link:

3. Arunachal Pradesh

 The Land Of The Rising Sun has a serene environment compared to no other place. With the rich food and the numerous places worth visiting, it is a great tourist attraction. To know more, click on:

4. Sikkim

The place with the authentic taste of momos, where it all began is Sikkim. Referred to as the Brother of The Seven Sisters, Sikkim has many tribes residing there. It is a place worth visiting, especially for those in love with dumplings. To know more, click on the link:

5. Tripura

Once a part of the Kirata Kingdom, Tripura is also known as the Land of Kirata. A number of clans speak different languages and have different literature, music and cuisine, which make the state versatile. If you’re interested in visiting Tripura, do give this a read:

6. Meghalaya

The rivers, the mouth-watering cuisines, the striking scenic beauty are what attracts people to Meghalaya from all over the country. The abode of the clouds has more to it than meets the eye. To know what it is, click on the link:

7. Assam

 The Land of the Red River and the Blue Hills is an amalgamation of various cultures but is famously known for its tea gardens. But it’s not just the tea gardens that are worth visiting. To find out what makes Assam unique, click on the link:

8. Mizoram

 The Land of the Mizos is a rich cultural site, where the cities have handicraft museums, lakes, wildlife sanctuaries, among other things. To know where to go on your next visit to Mizoram, click on the website:

Image source: India Has Some of The Best Tea Plantations in The World, Check Out These 5 

Feedback from our readers:

The best way to measure your success is the response that you receive at the end. Thus, to know the impact and reach of our series, we asked some people for their responses to the series. On being asked if the series was informative or was it just another series of articles for them,all of the respondents agreed to the fact that the series was well informative and helpful. It even motivated many to finally visit the states, which had been a part of their bucket list for a long time. 

“Northeastern states of India are still a mystery which in a way is a good thing as there’ll always be surprises for you on your trip here. From centuries-old tribes in Nagaland to Himalayan peaks of Sikkim and Arunachal to traditions of the cloud state of Meghalaya, each and every part of Northeast India has some interesting facts to reveal like a soldier still serves at the border in Sikkim after his death! Wait before you say whoa to that! There’s a whole lot waiting for you in this blog which surely will make you pack your bag and head out for an adventure of your own in Northeast India.”- said Silas Paul, one of the respondents.

Some of them even mentioned that initially they did not have much idea about the northeastern states, but it was after this series that they learnt more about them. Some of them shared how they felt about the discrimination meted out against these states, in their own country. People judge them on the basis of their looks and names. However, we are hoping to spread awareness through this series and help them in any way we can.

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