Winter Warmth Distribution Drive

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~Raj Agarwal

Ask the value of food  to those who haven’t eaten anything for 2 days; ask the value of clothes to those who don’t have anything to wear in this harsh winter. There are many people in our country who don’t even eat once a day and roam around the street in this harsh winter barefoot and without clothes.

We have seen many people like this who are not able to access even the basics of the amenities.

Do you remember the last time you saw someone like this? Either you helped them or wished to help them in any way? You may have not been able to help them on your own but we SK Children Foundation are here always trying to help them in the best possible way we can.

About us

We always try our best to help people in need. We are a team of more than 100 volunteers who are working restlessly for the poor and underprivileged people. It is our belief that we can`t help everyone but, everyone can help someone. That’s why we urge every one of you that you also can be a part of this noble cause. Join us and give your contribution to the society you know when our NGO was started, SKCF was established long back in 2016 when Mr. Raghav Sharma, Founder of SKCF decided to help people in their locality. And having an aim of education for all we teach every little child who can’t afford to be in a good school.

Sweater Distribution Drive

In this harsh and unbearable winter, the SKCF team is working day and night to help the needy. In the 15 days process of fundraising, we managed to raise 100K, besides the fundraiser domain this time all our domains were involved during this process. Each and every volunteer put in their best efforts collecting funds and contributing.

SKCF distributed customized jackets to the children for the last 2 years, and this year also all our donors and volunteers contributed to make our children happy. After the fundraising process, we took the measurement of every child for the best comfortable sweaters. Besides sweaters, we also ordered 2 pairs of socks and woolen caps for them.

Spreading happiness is the best way to keep yourself happy. On December 25th Christmas eve we organized an event. We celebrated our annual day, and the same day we distributed the sweaters. With the help of all our team, we have successfully distributed more than 160+customized sweaters and woolen caps to all the children. 

Annual day

We have celebrated our annual day on 25th December with all our children, volunteers, and staff members. We started the event with the lighting of the lamp and then addressed our chief guests.

All our children were so excited and performed many activities like dance, and games. At the end of the event, we served snacks to all the members present over there. We enjoyed it so much and clicked many pictures at that event.

In the end, I just wanted you to know that there are many people who are living in poverty. They don’t even have the warm clothes to bear this harsh winter. 

Like we know “ Every drop counts “ let’s join hands together and help them to bear this harsh winter. 

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