Fundraiser For Jacket Distribution

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  • Chahat Kanchan

Helping those in need can be a very satisfying job. Especially when you know that the people around you need it. For instance, when you see a child shivering on a cold harsh winter night, a mother with her infant child roaming on the streets begging for food, making her basic needs meet with difficulty. Have you seen a little child knocking at your car window, begging you to buy flowers or some other toys for a meager amount of money?

Have you ever seen those little souls scraping off food from leftovers? Have you seen a little child walking barefoot and bare-headed, on the road, shivering and cold with hunger, a picture of misery and sadness? 

YES. All of us have witnessed that at least once in our lives. Every time you saw this, you either helped them or wished you could have helped them in some way or the other. 

This is exactly how we at SKCF felt when we saw little children shiver in these harsh winters. We can’t take away all of their problems, but we can make their life a little easier. 

We feel empathetic, especially at this time of the year, when we bid farewell to the year and wish for a happy and new beginning into another year. This time is meant for rejoicing and spreading happiness, but alas not everyone has the liberty to have that. Some are blessed to have a little more than others and thus it is our moral duty to assist those in need.

Our Effort 

To help the little ones, we at SKCF have been distributing customized jackets to students for the last 2 years in the winters, to keep them warm, to make the winters bearable. Thus we buckled up and pulled up our socks, for each and every member of our family wanted to make a difference by helping the little ones. 

The process of fundraising was a 15-day process. In this time period, we managed to raise funds worth 100k. It was not a rapid process, but we loved every part of it. Every year, only the Fund Raising Department is responsible for the collection of the money. But this year, we tried something new. Each and every volunteer across all domains contributed. All of the domains were responsible for the collection of money. 

The Road to Success

The start of a journey is always difficult, but once started, it always becomes easier. Especially when it is a journey to bring a smile to someone’s face. And the motivation that we needed came in the form of the message sent by our founder, Mr. Raghav Sharma, and our head Ms. Prerna Jain who told us that because of our collective efforts, we started receiving donors. And that was the beginning of our mission.

Our motivation reached its zenith when we collected an aggregate of 7000 Rupees in one day. To inspire us, Raghav Sir even shared a video of himself. The cause was amplified. All the volunteers and members of the NGO used their contacts to spread the message, for maximum reach. Every donation that we received mattered a lot to us, for every single drop counts while the creation of an ocean. 

“Donors make small dreams turn into realities.” At last, we finally managed to collect 1,00,000 rupees. Our hard work paid off. As mentioned earlier, this money would be used to purchase customized SKCF jackets, which would be distributed among the kids. The order for 160 customized jackets was given by Raghav Sir. Besides this, other winter essentials like two pairs of socks and a pair of gloves were also distributed.

In order to maintain the transparency of the process, regular updates will be shared via  Email and our social media platforms. Nothing brings more happiness to us than by spreading happiness. 

“This winter has been very cold, but now the children look so happy to have these new clothes that should keep them warm.” 

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