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~Madhushekhar Mallarapu


NGOs are very important for a country’s growth and development. A country’s government cannot handle everything related to the social, health, and financial well-being of people. In these cases, an NGO plays a key role in helping the government to reach out to the people. Especially, in a country like India where a billion people live. The NGOs will act as an extended hand of the government to supply and distribute the aid. In natural events like natural disasters, many NGOs will help up to their mark. The NGO won’t get any profit from doing so. Their major way of income is through donations. And they don’t desire any profits from helping people. SK children foundation is such an organization established only to help underprivileged children and help them to reach their goals.  

SK Children Foundation:- 

It was established by Mr. Raghav Sharma in 2016 after witnessing a situation. On that fateful day, Mr. Raghav Sharma had encountered the children who were trying to get ice cream. All of them were poor children. When he tried to ask them about English alphabets in exchange for a treat, none of them were able to reply. He was disappointed and realized how problematic the inequality of opportunity is. Then he started to teach the children around him in  Janakpur. It was the turning point in his life and motivated him to start an NGO. SKCF has worked hard since its foundation to bring a great change in poor children’s lives with education and conducting different activities

The project works:-

Since the establishment of the NGO, many projects have been undertaken to promote the importance of education and health among poor people. Some of the projects are:

Project Aashray

In a country like India malnutrition is very common as there is food insecurity in people. During the pandemic  the NGO has distributed nearly 50,000 meals. The main goal of our NGO is to create an environment where lack of education and poverty won’t be an obstacle to the goals of children.

COVID- 19 ration relief:-

Pandemic has hit the world unexpectedly and nearly all kinds of industries witnessed a great loss and poor people struggled for food. SKCF helped people by distributing ration packets with the help of brave volunteers.

food distribution

Help relief in west Bengal:-

In May of 2020, West Bengal was affected by cyclone Amphan. Mr. Subhayan Goswami, an ex-volunteer in the NGO was asked for help. Our NGO immediately moved out for help. The NGO raised funds and helped nearly 150 families that were in need.  

These are just the tips of the iceberg of the Ngo’s projects.

Activities and Goals of SKCF:-

SKCF conducts different activities during festivals as well as important national days. And major goals are including nourishment of children, education, and improving their creativity. Children need food with the best nutrients, SKCF has been distributing the best quality food. And provides education to the children, who are between  6-14 years of age. During the pandemic with the help of many 

teachers, our NGO was able to conduct online classes for many students. SKCF distributes educational relevant items like books, mobiles, clothes, and shoes on different occasions.

“ Great vision can bring great change”. 

Many children re-started their education with the help of SKCF and many more are waiting for their chance.





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