Mobile Distribution – 25 Aug 2021

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Bhavik is a class 7 student at SKCF for the last 3 months. His grasping speed and memory is sharp. He is punctual, obedient and talented.

Why he needs a smartphone?
His father is the only earning member in his family. Bhavik used to attend his classes from a 2nd hand Desktop, which his father purchased a long time ago from their landowner, whose camera and mic is not working. Also, the port of audio output does not work every time. That’s why in some classes he is still unable to hear everything discussed in class.
When he was the only student, classes were cancelled due to same reason and rescheduled on Sundays or compensated in the successive sessions.

How getting a smartphone is going to help Bhavik?
He would be able to hear explanations, interact and speed up his learning. It won’t be one-way teaching anymore. Due to speaker issues (audio output), he was unable to hear anything, now he would be able to hear and learn how to play Casio – piano, and harmonium effectively. Yes, he plays the piano too that he learnt on his own.

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