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-Raj Agrawal

Education is the basic key for the development of a child but it is not the only one. Games and other activities are also important for the overall development of the child. We at SK Children foundation always focus on the holistic development of a child. 

About SK Children Foundation

We are a team of more than 100 people who are working restlessly for the poor and underprivileged people. It is our belief that we can`t help everyone but, everyone can help someone. That’s why we urge every one of you that you also can be a part of this noble cause. Join us and give your contribution to the society you know when our NGO was started, SKCF was established long back in 2016 when Mr. Raghav Sharma, Founder of SKCF decided to help people in their locality. And having an aim of education for all we teach every little child who can’t afford to be in a good school.

Campaigns and Projects                                                                                                                        

SKCF also runs many campaigns and projects to help people in need. Campaigns like food distribution drives, clothes distribution, books, stationery distribution drives, etc. are there to help in the best possible way we can.

During the period of the pandemic, our NGO was also aiding people so that they could restart their life as before. With the help of SKCF students re-started their education via online mode.

Sports and CCA Necessity of today’s world

Sports are as important as education. In today’s world education is not the only key to being successful, sports and CCAs also have so much scope that you can be very successful. We at SKCF always focus on the overall development of a child.

As you know education is our basic agenda but we not only provide education to the children but also focus on the holistic development of a child. Each day we conduct classes for them and since games and other activities are equally important,  every week,  on Saturdays we organize an activity day for the children.

Nothing is more beautiful in our world than a happy child, and it is our obligation to ensure that happiness!

At SKCF, we prioritize the children and their long-term objectives. We train them to work harder to achieve their dreams rather than fit into society’s stereotypical norms.We hope for and work towards the betterment of all the students who are the soul of our organization.  Last week, we conducted an activity day in which we played many games like cricket, football, carrom, etc.

Like it is said “Sports do not build character.They expose it,” much as we want all of our children to develop abilities that will aid them in reaching their long-term objectives.To know more about SK Children Foundation click here

Must Read- https://skchildrenfoundation.org/sk-children-foundation/

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