Journey of a Student at SKCF

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~Madhushekhar Mallarapu


SK children foundation was established in the year 2016 by Mr Raghav Sharma. Its primary goal is to provide quality education to underprivileged children. Ever since the beginning of the NGO, many students have benefited from its projects and educational programs. The NGO was successful in providing individuals with necessary goods when required. The workforce comprises a teaching staff who work selflessly and educate children to fulfil the aim of the foundation. Vivek is one of the students at the foundation. The teachers work efficiently and concentrate on enhancing the learning outcomes for children, which is ensured by keeping a low student to teacher ratio.


Vivek is a young bright student with a strong vision. He was introduced to the foundation by his cousin who is a fellow student at our foundation in New Delhi. At first, he refused to join us, but it only took one visit to our centre for him to change his mind. Watching the children of his age group receive education and have loads of fun inspired him to join us on our journey. He evolved a lot during his education. He is being taught fundamental subjects like Maths, English, and Science by the specialised and skilled volunteers working as teachers at the foundation. He is on his journey to learn great virtues of life like personal responsibility, discipline, and the desire to learn new things, and Vivek was able to question and explore new facets of every topic he was taught. 


After knowing the vision of Vivek’s goals, SKCF provided special attention to his studies. For the last three months, SKCF has been paying his tuition fees constantly as a reward for his hard work. SKCF is willing to accomplish better stuff for their students because we understand the cost of goals and dreams. Previously, SKCF also provided him with a smartphone to continue his online classes when Vivek’s device accidentally got damaged. We strive to make sure that none of our students has to drop out due to a financial crunch. 

Activity day

Every weekend the foundation conducts an activity day that is centred on the theme of teaching children that education is not just limited to textbooks rather it is a culmination of different experiences. Many outdoor games are conducted to inculcate in them team spirit and help them overcome their fears and shyness. It teaches them that education is fun and learning is not that hard. Vivek has acquired the skill of time management and has learnt to tackle real-life problems with an easy hand. He’s thankful to his hardworking and supportive teachers and expresses his hear-felt gratitude

 SKCF education

SK children foundation has organised and initiated many programmes and projects for the benefit of children. Students like Vivek and children who are unable to receive formal education because of various reasons are provided quality education by SK Children Foundation as it firmly believes in what John Dewy once quoted,- “Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself”.

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