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A child’s true education is not limited to books and classrooms, but outdoor learning has equal importance. This is what SKCF believes in and this strives to provide the children with an education that also covers the holistic development approach. One of the best ways to achieve this goal is sports. Sports are a fun way to escape the classroom learning but also learn different interpersonal and intrapersonal skills. This implies that sports not only enrich one’s physical growth but also mental and emotional well-being. 

At SKCF, every Sunday is an activity day when the volunteers teach a wide variety of things to the students. These activities include simple outdoor activities like skipping, Frisbee, bowling, yoga and meditation, dancing and sprinting or sports like football, cricket, dodgeball and kho-kho or fun games like musical chairs and bowling. Different volunteers specialize in different fields, so they are able to teach a vast variety of activities to the children. This in turn helps in exploring the potential of the children. 

These activities help in building confidence and the spirit of sportsmanship in the students. They not only learn different sports but also learn skills like teamwork, coordination, agility and reaction speed etc. This helps the children to be physically active and have fun at the same time. 

The students get frequent opportunities to display what they have learned during the activity days. Our volunteers make necessary arrangements like marking of the tracks for different sports, refreshments for the children or customized awards and prizes for the winners. Not only the volunteers but the children help in the arrangements for the event with full enthusiasm as well. 

All these activities and events also help in creating a stronger bond and relationship between the students and the volunteers. This bond of trust is very necessary between a student and a teacher to create a fun learning environment, and it helps to enhance the growth of the children to transform into able future citizens of the country. After every class, there’s a general assembly for the children where the volunteers  motivate the children and make them aware of different kinds of important current issues around the world. 

These activities are necessary to explore the true potential of the children in order for them to find their true passion and their true calling which will help them pave their own way.  

During this pandemic when everything has gone virtual and social distancing is important, the children are not able to enjoy the activity days in the same way as before. We, at SKCF, believe in adapting and improvising so every Sunday our volunteers take it upon themselves to conduct different online sessions. These include online dance classes, yoga and meditation classes, story reading times, art and craft sessions and much more. This ensures that not only the education but also the fun is not hindered by the current Covid pandemic. 


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