A Tale Of Success: A Sense Of Satisfaction

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Written by Sujitha B. 

 SKCF, an organization started with the noble idea of providing free and quality access to education for children from a humble socio-economic background, is ardently committed to this goal. Since its inception, SKCF has increasingly brought many children under its wings and has created a positive impact by educating them and expanding their horizons. The organization has made strides forward in the achievement of its goals, with one more notable achievement added to its bag.

The story of Khilari Kaveri Vijay is an exemplary example of the contributions SKCF is making to society. Kaveri, a girl from rural hinterlands of Pune district of Maharashtra has secured 90.2% in her 10th standard board examinations held by Maharashtra State Education Board. Hailing from a family with modest economic background, a family with agriculture as their sole source of income, her story is a story of battling socio-economic hardships to receive an education. The story includes barriers, that include the nearest school being    4.5 km away from her residence and to which she has to walk every day. At a personal level, she has also won the first prize in an essay writing competition, outshining numerous other participants. It is definitely a story of inspiration, perseverance and determination.

Kaveri was taught by one of SKCF’s interns in the teacher’s domain, Harshada ma’am. Even while the pandemic was raging throughout the country, Kaveri along with many other students was provided access to education by SKCF. Access to education was provided via online classes and also offline whenever possible. The teachers were taking attendance regularly to keep a track on the performance as well as accessibility. They have also devised many unique methods viz., to make the classes interesting by showing pictures, infographics and also educational videos and hosting extracurricular activities such as story-telling, crafting, singing, dancing, exercising, etc. The volunteers are also helping the children by providing them with meals, internet packs and have also paid school fees.  

Kaveri has expressed her deep sense of thankfulness and gratitude to SKCF for aiding and guiding her throughout her exam journey and helping her achieve this astounding success. 

This is one among the numerous works SKCF has been doing. SKCF has formulated mechanisms to not compromise on the standards because it believes that inside every child there is a rainbow waiting to shine, but the right opportunity and education must be given to them.

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