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World NGO Day

The 27th of February in 2014 went down in history for the global NGO community. The first international celebration of this day, currently recognized as “World NGO Day,” took place abroad. More than 89 nations across more than six continents participate in World NGO Day celebrations. The Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs held the global first event of World NGO Day on February 27, 2014, in Helsinki, Finland.

The objective of World NGO Day is to increase symbiotic relationships between NGOs and the public and business sectors. Moreover, it motivates people to actively participate in the NGO sector to work towards the betterment of society. They work to encourage social or political change on a large or small basis. NGOs are vital to society’s advancement, community development, and citizen participation.

What is an NGO?

NGOs were first referred to as such in Article 71 of the 1945 Charter of the newly established United Nations. While NGOs do not have a set or official definition, they are typically thought of as non-profit organizations that are unaffected by political influence.

Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) are citizen-based, non-profit organizations that operate independently of the government. They are also often referred to as Non-Profit Organizations (NPO), Civil Society Organizations (CSO), Charitable Organizations, Membership Organizations, Charities, or the Third Sector. 

There are many NGO organizations worldwide, ranging from large non-profit organizations, professional associations, federations, and chambers of commerce to small local charities and grassroots organizations in every city or district that represent a wide range of interests, industries, and activities.

What makes celebrating NGO Day significant?

A day reserved for NGOs all over the world to exchange knowledge and experiences. A chance for education that will help people everywhere better understand what NGOs are doing for society on a local, national, and global level. World NGO Day is an international symbol to represent the accomplishments and efforts of all NGOs across all fields. 

It provides a platform for NGOs to talk about the problems that affect their work and collaborate to find a solution.

World NGO Day, 2023- THEME

The importance and influence of NGOs in advancing human rights, addressing social and environmental issues, and achieving sustainable development goals will be the focus of the 2023 World NGO Day. The theme also emphasizes the need of assisting NGOs in strengthening their capacities, acknowledging their role as change agents, and promoting partnerships and cooperation in order to further shared goals.

How to celebrate World NGO Day?

Support a cause: NGOs require the assistance of volunteers. Volunteer to support a deserving cause on World NGO Day.

Make a donation:

NGOs are non-profit institutions and depend on donations to operate. If it’s within your means, think about making a donation to an NGO.

Use Hashtag:

Employ the hashtag #worldngoday while posting on social media. Tell about anyone you know who works as a volunteer for an NGO. These altruistic people’s tireless efforts are what keep NGOs active and effective over the world.

World NGO Day in India

NGOs in India play an important role as part of a democratic society. It plays various roles such as:

  • Bridge the gap between society’s needs and the government.
  • It acts as an enabler for the community’s upliftment.
  • It also plays a role as a pressure group.
  • It acts actively in participative governance.
  • It also acts as a social mediator.

“On World NGO Day let us extend thanks to the NGOs that work tirelessly for the betterment of society. I hope this day encourages more people to join hands together & make a difference. CELEBRATE COMMEMORATE COLLABORATE,”

-wrote Ashok Gehlot, Chief Minister of Rajasthan, General Secretary AICC (India) on Twitter.
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