An engineer to a philanthropist

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We live in a society where people barely go out of their way to do something for others. such an act, thought is beautiful on its own. Raghav Sharma is one such person, who never hesitates in going out of his way to do things for others. 

He is the founder of the SK Children Foundation but is also a YouTuber and an engineer. He is a person with a good heart, genuine conscience, and the will to give more to society. 

SKCF is an NGO based in Janakpuri, Delhi. The NGO aims to provide education to children, and also work on various other social issues at their best.  the vision of providing education to underprivileged kids but as mentioned above it caters to all the basic needs of a child He believes that a student can only learn effectively if he has access to clean clothes, clean water, and nutritious food. 

Raghav Sharma aka themovingship is a Verified YouTuber who makes videos on fashion, social issues, entertainment, audition updates, and tips for reality shows on his channel. He started his youtube channel in the year 2016. The main aim of the channel is to provide self-improvement, podcasts, and videos regarding updates of reality shows. The channel deals with a plethora of videos. Recently the channel got 110k subscribers with around 37,760,272 views. 

Both the NGO and the youtube channel started on a very small level, with some support, but over the period of five to six years, they have grown and achieved new heights. The NGO now has a dream school and the youtube channel has hundreds of supports. All this was possible due to the consistent hustle, love, and gratefulness of all the people involved with it, especially Raghav Sharma. 

Like every successful person he also has people who have supported him throughout his journey, his parents, especially his mother, and his friends have been a constant support throughout his journey.

Raghav Sharma is a changemaker in a true sense as his videos and the NGO reach out to a wide array of audiences and support them in various ways. his determination to keep hustling is the smiles on the children’s faces. At a very young age, he dedicated his life to society. There are people who come with their radiance, who glow up the room. He is one such person who with just his presence can lighten up the whole room. 

Being an engineer he did had some plans regarding his career but he decided to keep them on hold as he wanted to invest all his time and energy totally in the NGO and the youtube channel. Raghav Sharma is not only the founder of SKCF, and a budding YouTuber but most importantly he is the reason behind changing the lives of hundreds of people out there. He is a true inspiration to many out there. 

                                                                                                                     -SURABHI SINGH

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