Top 10 Things One Should Explore as a College Fresher

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~Samridhi Prakash & Vanshika Bansal

Are you about to start college? Congratulations, and have a wonderful time! Most of us have been looking forward to the first taste of college life since we were children. College life is heaven on earth since it provides you with a new life, independence, the opportunity to explore the world ahead of you, and innumerable riddles to solve. Being a college student is a challenge in and of itself, especially when the whole college experience is virtual; it brings with it new feelings, the urge to establish one’s identity, and the desire to live the life one has always imagined. Mentioned below are the top 10 things, we believe, every college fresher should explore to enhance their college experience- both academically and otherwise! 

Following Are Some Survival Strategies For College Freshmen!

1. You Should Be True self

Many freshers entertain the thought of disguising their actual nature and adopting a phoney identity to fit into a new environment and bond with new individuals. They alter every aspect of their appearance. It might become claustrophobic for them over time. Do not make this blunder.

As much as practicable, be yourself. You have always been happy and at ease being yourself in this manner, and you will be able to discover people who appreciate you for who you genuinely are. You will succeed in every area of your college career.

2. What You Should Know About the College/University

After you’ve been accepted into a course in college, you’ll be able to learn more about it. You can find out about the school’s history, management, faculty, and much more.

You may discover its history, organization, faculty, and a lot more. This information can be found on the college’s website or in the libraries. College knowledge can also be used to start a conversation. As a result, this information will assist you in becoming acquainted with your classmates.

3. Attend Classes on a Regular Basis

Students tend to go crazy in college after high school and skip a lot of courses. This could turn into a nasty habit that will harm you. So, go to lectures regularly. Academic success will ensure that you do well in class and gain a positive reputation between your peers and professors by securing a good GPA (grade point average).

4. Obey All Rules and Regulations

Many kids believe that breaking rules and causing trouble is a beneficial move to do and that it will make them popular. This has already been demonstrated time and time again to be incorrect, and you will simply attract a different crowd.

You will have a good, worry-free experience in college if you follow the rules and regulations. You’ll be able to think of other things and enjoy your university experience.

5. Make a Good First Impression by Dressing and Grooming Properly

This may not appear to be a significant issue, but it is. It is always beneficial to have a good appearance. This renders you more personable and likeable. Because a college is a gathering of young people, fashion is crucial, and it will also help you establish friends with other fashionable individuals.

Following Are Some Fun Tips to Enhance Your College Experience!

6. Attend Fests

Several college events are hosted around the year by various colleges and universities. These festivals and events may include a dance party, DJ night, late-night competitions, rock concerts, and much more. DU cultural fests are the ultimate vibes to experience if your college is in Delhi- NCR. These parties are the hub of activity and student interaction.

7. Join College Societies/ Groups

Every college has several societies or groups or committees, whatever be your college slang, ranging from debating to MUNs to mooting to dancing to sports to book clubs to AI to core coding- you name it. It is very essential and beneficial for a college fresher to join these societies to explore their avenues apart from academics in a college. This is the ripe time to explore and hone your additional skills and you shouldn’t be holding yourself back!

8. Interact With Seniors

The first semester of college life can be pretty unorganized and erratic if not guided by experienced people. And who better to guide you than the seniors who have walked in your shoes? It is paramount to interact with your seniors and to get to know more about your college premises, teachers, courses, internship scopes, fests, notes, etc. Seniors are the key to a better-organized resume and even a ‘fuller’ college experience if you know what I mean. 

9. Apply For Internships

Academics is not the only thing to be done in college. Classroom learning is what all of us have done all our school life. College is the place to explore more and challenge yourself. Internships are one way to calibrate your additional hobbies and skills by working on a short-term basis with various offices and organizations, getting to know about their internal workings, work environment, and ethics. Internships are the essential bullet markers on your CV which give you an edge over other students. So, take the guidance of your seniors or elders associated with your field and intern as much as you can! You can start by applying for online internships

10. Go on Trips With College Friends

Last but not the least, road trips, weekly vacations, and even one-day breaks are very much mandatory for college students. They help you bond better with your friends, help you become more independent, and come on, they are undeniably fun so why not? Start saving now from your monthly pocket money and plan your trips with friends according to your college calendar. 


As a new student, you will be required to cope with a variety of issues, including travel, presentations, finding new friends, adapting to a new environment, and a lot more. Don’t worry; the ideas above will give you comfort with anything and emerge as a competent student ready to succeed in college and face the world. You’ve likely noticed stories from your parents and grandparents about their college days. You, too, must wish to reminisce about your college years. So, if you’re a first-year college student, use the following advice.


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