Career Development

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~ Vanshika Bansal

 A career is that part of life that never ends. It starts from the very scratch i.e., beginning when we get into school. It keeps on continuing till life ends. Career Development is both a process and an end. Career Development can be achieved in multiple ways. Development is a measure that concerns the career and measures its progress.

Career Development means different things for different people. Some people are so concerned about their career that they engage in their jobs, business and many other things. Do some people ask if happiness is the end motive? Do some ask if success is the end motive? Some ask if money is the end motive.?

What do you mean by career development?

Career development can start when someone is quite young and just learning about different ways to make a living. It is a part of human development and the process will span a lifetime. It’s many things like your background because some people said background does not matter but it matters. Life-course depends on things like what kind of school you pass out from, what kind of college you graduate, what kind of language you speak, from what kind of university you taught or what kind of courses you pursue.  Aspects of a career like our goals set, our dreams, our profession may change from time to time. Our purpose in life is what matters most. All we just need to correct is our purpose, then find a way and then work on it till the end. Seems so easy but actually, not. Everyone will have their own struggles.

Things important in career development 

How does a 16 year decide what stream they choose?  how should they build a career in that stream?

When one completes 10th standard, the next one has to decide about the stream. Students, most of the time choose their path based on the feedback they receive from seniors and elders. Students inquire about the difficulties and opportunities. But honestly, irrespective of the stream one chooses, there are so many opportunities in the market today.

Today a science student is doing history, a history student is doing science, biology things, they want to become a doctor. It is the era of interdisciplinary studies. But if you want to become a doctor then you have to study MBBS, it doesn’t matter how hard it is. The success mantra is to not worry about the hard struggles in it, but to keep in mind that end result is important.

If you are employed, you earn 1 lakh a month or you own a start-up, you earn ten thousand a month, so whatever helps you to speed to meet your requirements and goals, go for that. Don’t forget to consider how passionately you are involved in doing it.

Failures in life 

Don’t give much attention to the failures. If you will pay attention to your failures or mistakes you didn’t move towards success you will not be able to focus on victory. you will not be able to focus on the trophy. If you focus on your hurdles, then you will not get a trophy. One has to have to embrace and accept both victory and failures. Learn from the failure. All one needs to try is to not repeat it again.

Leadership  lessons

Everyone is a leader. Trust in yourself, even if you have 1% trust in yourself then you are a leader. Students must have that kind of trust. This is the first and utmost important step in becoming a leader.

Chances of Freshers 

Freshers now have the whole world waiting for them. Freshers have many opportunities and responsibilities. Sadly, because of the Pandemic, employment opportunities have decreased. But there are many Startups and big Companies looking for talented people. Delay not to aim to your next goal.

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