Top 10 Productive Things For Class 12 Students

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~ Jiah Bhutani and Manika

The class 10 and 12 board exams conducted by CBSE were canceled.  The state board exams were also canceled in various states, seeing the situation of pandemic. This is the news which was mostly blaring on our television. With ample time at the disposal of thousands of students, The question arises how to use this opportunity in the best way possible? This is the best time to hone your skills and learn new ones that will set you apart and will make you shine bright in the crowd. One can go for the following options, and can adapt to them and thus inculcate those.

1. Prepare for entrance exams

As the exams stand canceled and the criteria for admission and alternate options are still being reviewed, the future seems uncertain. This is the time when students can look towards career options and undergraduate courses which involve aptitude tests as the criteria for admission. After board examinations only students start preparing for these exams. Now with additional time, students can start preparing for entrance tests while waiting for new guidelines.

2. Do an extra Course

To set themselves apart from the crowd people do an extra course during their UG, PG courses, sometimes even after class 12. This is the best time to get on this task, because right now they don’t have many responsibilities and will not waste time instead will gain extra knowledge. It enhances your CV, Resume for life. Once decided on a preferred career path, doing extra courses similar to the chosen field of expertise will increase knowledge exponentially. The other available option is to learn a new language. It will always help you in life.

3. Learn a new skill

Students can also learn a new skill, without feeling stressed because of the pandemic and the future uncertainty. Students can make their boring days full of euphoria by learning a new skill. It not only encourages you but also gives you a goal about the next day of learning something new and exciting. It will make you more diverse in your personality. One can learn a new instrument, cooking, baking, writing, singing, shooting, and a plethora of other activities.

4. Hone existing skills

Students often get caught up in their studies especially in class 12 to get good grades for college admission. In the process, they do not get time to engage in their hobbies. Now students can dive into their hobbies and become their masters. They give us extreme pleasure, happiness and help us fruitfully spend our time.

5. Read new books

“Books are the mirrors of soul” – Virginia Woolf

Books are a human’s best friend. Reading books creates a sympathetic mindset. Book lovers have compassionate hearts. They help us dive into the story and forget everything about reality and let us make an easy escape into a world of mystery. It helps us feel a thousand emotions at the same time. It becomes an emotional rollercoaster ride for us. The authors help us understand how they feel, making us more inclusive and open to acceptance and change in real life.

6. Internship

This pandemic has harshly affected the high school students who are not well adapted to these online classes and have to make a career choice in a time of crisis, many had a change of plans because of inconsistent scope graphs. If you are a twelfth grader you could start-up by working for free for the people you know, find at least two to three people, to start building on your portfolio. Look for internship opportunities even if they are unpaid enroll yourself because they provide you a realistic outlook on how the market works. Fill for all the internships in which you can try to identify your best abilities and then choose the one which was the most rewarding and intriguing to you. Taking up an internship might help you gain some financial help.

 7. Start preparing for interviews ahead

Prepare yourself preliminarily for interviews ahead, when preparing a lot of people tend to forget to give solutions to the institution they want to work for. Remember it is never too late or too early to start with learning, do your research about the specific company you want to apply for, ample information is available on various media platforms in current times. A wise person is a person who can learn and relearn. You can not expect quick results, keep working on yourself and master the art of patience because nobody tells you about the number of trials they have undergone to reach those heights.

8. Join a networking site

Join a networking site and the best part is some of them are free. Linkedin is another game-changer in the market, it is a safe place to start professionally. You could start with it as early as being a high schooler which might land you your dream job or internship later. Internships are a major building block but you have to be visible to be discovered so what is the need to be confused, build a strong resume.

 9. Connect with your roots aka family

Bridging with one’s DNA can lead to fulfillment and contentment of both the person and the previous generation. To know how we got here and by what means upholds purpose to life indirectly. The tales of valor, passion, and virtue by our ancestors can bring a powerful inspiration in our lives to do well even in dire circumstances. According to a Japanese saying, time spent together is never wasted but invested. If you are fortunate enough to be surrounded by your family then try to connect to their feelings because your parents need your time and love too.

10. Learn a new language

With changing technological demands we need to plan, we could start by working on our communication skills which is now the need of the hour. Learning a new language is always a thrilling experience. If you get into a language course, start listening to the music of that same language and the summer will pass with a smile and do not forget the movies, they are beneficial to imbibe the body language of the speakers.

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