SKCF’s Picks : Books To Engage You During Lockdown

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~ Team SKCF 

Listed below are a few books that can keep you entertained and free from stress during the pandemic and lockdown. Read, Learn, and Grow!

When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi

When breath becomes Air is one book that can enlighten an individual about the value of their life. It takes us through the life of Dr Paul Kalanithi who was a Neurosurgeon in America. His autobiographical note gives us an insight into his life and how he succumbed to lung cancer. It is a memoir of his life as a doctor who battles stage IV metastatic lung cancer. Initially, one might hesitate to take this up considering it to be very depressing. However, this is indeed a must-read that can boost your urge to live and let live.

Lord of the Rings by J.R. R. Tolkien

The Lord of the Rings trilogy is one of the best fictional works written. Originally published in 1954, it is a trilogy of books (Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers and Return of the King). One of the main reasons for its popularity is that Tolkien created an entire universe of characters and their stories (he also invented the language Elvish for the books), a first of its kind attempt. The main story follows a journey of an unlikely fellowship that unites men, elves, hobbits, a dwarf and wizards to unite against the evil force of Sauron. The books are well-written and highly engaging. The story is one-of-a-kind which entangles the aspects of friendship and heroism with myths and magic in a way that leaves the reader enthralled. It is an ideal blend of poetry adventure and war. It is a timeless masterpiece that will dominate the planet of fantasy for years to come. For someone who is a fan of fiction/fantasy, I’d say it is a must-read.

The Kite Runner by  Khaled Hosseini

Redemption; such a compelling word and yet no one knows what it truly means. This novel is redemption’s comprehensive paradigm which thoroughly portrays the outlook of a child as well as their train of thoughts through a heart-wrenching tale that has the unrealized potential of shattering and devastating your mind. Anyone will more than pertain to this Afghani fiction which will long linger in their subconscious primarily because it encompasses a candour no one has ever witnessed before. When you flip through the pages you’ll develop, with it, the warmth of love and friendship not to mention the anguish of betrayal and faithlessness that the author channels through his words. I recommend this because it renders an incredible story with thriving characters which will endure in anyone’s heart even after the words fade.

Kim Ji-Young, Born 1982 by Cho Nam Joo

This international bestseller originally published in South Korea is a path-breaking piece of feminist writing. Through the character’s experiences from her childhood to adulthood, the author beautifully highlights how the world is different and harder for a woman to survive in. The book makes you realise how everyone has a Kim Ji-Young around them, maybe it’s your sister or your mother or grandmother or you. It will make you feel sad, angry, hopeless but for the right reasons. If you believe in changing the world and making it a better place, this book is a must-read.

“The world had changed a great deal, but the little rules, contracts and customs had not, which meant the world actually hadn’t actually changed at all”

 Kim Ji-Young.

Annihilation of Caste by B.R Ambedkar

This is one of the most quintessential political writings because it reflects upon the deep-rooted caste system that has cemented a country like India with prejudice, hatred for a particular section of people. This piece of writing is ignored but is very significant to be read by all. It is a scholarly piece that points out the systematic casteism in the country and denunciates the flawed system. Furthermore, it constructively critiques the Hindu scriptures that advocate hierarchical social systems. Therefore, in order to get an insightful glimpse into this whole flawed picture of casteism and its attributes, this book is highly recommended.

 “What the Communist Manifesto is to the capitalist world, Annihilation of Caste is to India.”

Anand Teltumbde

The Palace of Illusions by Chandrika Banerjee

Mahabharat as a story is well known but still, there are books written even today with newer perspectives and interpretations. What makes this particular book stand out is the voice and the person who narrates it, Draupadi. While the story has been told from multiple angles before, this book attempts to explore the story from Draupadi’s perspective, who is believed to be one of the strongest women in Indian mythology. While readers of Indian mythology would have always wondered what were the reasons that made Draupadi take those decisions, which are believed to have changed the course of Mahabharat, the author makes a bold attempt to give a voice to that imagination. While mythological fiction is a risky proposition with fiction and well-known stories contradicting each other, this book also takes a similar route to take the reader along with Panchaali’s journey. The book stays true to the intensity and depth required and is completely engaging from start to end. If you are intrigued by Draupadi as a person or by Mahabharat as a whole, this retelling should not be missed.

Godaan by Shri Munshi Premchand

Some time back, one of my friends suggested that I read a Novel. I decided to pick this great novel. I would recommend every individual to read it once in their life. It is because the plot depicts the struggles of a poor man and the hard work to fulfil the empty bellies of his family. How he gets captured in the tactics of Vicious Circle and does not oppose those things that are going on against him. It shows how much time it takes to earn 100 rupees which may be a very small amount for us but for them is nothing less than god.

It tells you that not the age but the circumstances and situations of life makes you old. The story depicts the importance of cows and their products for a farmer. Many of us might never have been to a village but this story can actually give you a glimpse of it.

One thing that the story depicts is it breaks the popular thought of people that the rich people are very happy and are very cruel. But this is not true every time. It shows that the rich have their own grudges and problems in life. Rich also have a good heart and are willing to help for the betterment of society without earning any profit. These are some things that fill curiosity in me to read this book. It is written in such a way that the reader will be compelled to read the next chapter before finishing what they are reading. The book actually has an everlasting impact on user minds.


Everyone talks about mental health and why it is a must to keep it healthy. A person should be deprived of all the stress and trauma in their life as it not only pull you down but also make your way to a different person than your actual self. It’s a great book with a catchy title (a monk who sold his Ferrari), Robin Sharma is not only a writer but also a motivational speaker. Over 6 million people and more have read this book and I personally would like to extend this to everyone reading that once in your lifetime you should read this book. Now, why am I suggesting you read this book?

This is a fictional novel about a lawyer named Julian mantel, a seven-figure making lawyer who had a Ferrari, but he was unhappy with it, so he sold it. He was full of tension and the workload was heavy so he finally decided to leave the baggage of the past and luxurious life behind by selling everything and moved to the Himalayas to find peace. There he found the sage of sivana, which taught him various things to enlighten his life, making him promise

he’d pass on their teachings.

  • Master your mind
  • Follow your purpose
  • Practice kaizen
  • Live with discipline
  • Respect the time
  • Selflessly serve others
  • Embrace the present

This novel teaches about the seven virtues of life overflowing with inner peace, joy, and wealth of spiritual gift. Julian did not need his Ferrari, He needed his wisdom.


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