The Hidden Rich MultiCultural Gems of Villages in India

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~ By Jiah Bhutani and Samiksha Khobragade

Strange is the perception of coming to a place as a traveller and at last leaving it as a homegirl/boy. Everyone can easily comprehend the sentiment. It always feels like, “I came here yesterday and will leave tomorrow.” India being a multicultural land exhibits a variety of beliefs and customs. It could be fairly discerning by investing time in exploring exquisite villages and towns of India. That is because every town and village portrays an untold story to be unravelled. Almost all know a village or town very well aside from their territory that is safe in their memories.

These places have a way of making us feel one with them and foreign to them all at the same time. Maybe, that is the beauty of exploring these exquisite hidden travel gems, to find routine and chaos, to see a gazillion twinkling stars at night and the dusty winds in the afternoon, to find something unusual, and to feel like home at times. Let us explore these places filled with inhabitants who are strangers as well as friends:

1. Mawlynnong, Meghalaya

It is considered to be one of the spotless villages in Asia, Mawlynnong village is a fascination on earth. The hidden gem is in the East Khasi Hills district of Meghalaya. This village is often referred to as the Lord’s garden and was recently awarded as the cleanest village in Asia. The inhabitants strive to maintain the beauty and the greenery of the place diligently. 

It is a must-visit place in the lodgings of clouds along with Cherrapunji and Shillong located all in Meghalaya.  

2. Dikshit Town, Ladakh

There is no speculation that Ladakh has always been a desired destination for all. With its dazzling beauty, the enormous highlands and valleys of Ladakh make the visitors believe as if they entered a new dimension. One such out of sight town is the Dikshit town, Ladakh

The ancient monasteries and the age-old traditions of this village are eye-catchers for tourists. To reach Nubra Valley one has to traverse the highest motorable pass, the Khardugla pass. The tranquillity of this place attracts people from all over the world.

3. Kutch

The Kutch region in Gujarat consists of the Great Rann of Kutch and the Little Rann of Kutch. The Great Rann of Kutch is one of the largest salt deserts in the universe. It stays submerged in water during the monsoon season for about four months. The desolate land is scantily colonized by people with roots from Persia. The handicrafts are what makes this place superior. 

The welcoming people and their hospitality is a magnet to charm people from all around. People residing there are more than happy to exhibit their artistry. 

4. Malana

The residents of this place are believed to be the descendants of the Greek soldiers of Alexander’s Great army and have claimed to be one of the ancient democracies of the world. Though their ultimate leader is a legendary sage name Jamblu Devta with whom they communicate via an oracle. They are sensitive towards their identity and culture.

Located in the paradise Himachal, this beyond ordinary village produces the world-famous hashish or Malana cream, as they say. The vintage look of this on hills is charismatic.

5. Una

Located in the uneven, mighty hills of Himachal Pradesh, Una is a masked destination in lush green hills. The Chintpurni temple captivates believers from all over. The temple worships the supreme goddess “Shakti”. Also, a magnificent Shiv mandir is omnipresent in this pious region. 

A place of wonders and unveiled trekking spots in the hills and breathtakingly picturesque. With many ponds and lakes, the place beholds the visitors by the rich culture and agronomy. A combination of Punjabi culture with Himachal makes this place eccentric.

Every destination in this list well deserves to be visited once in a lifetime. Struggling with maintaining work and play balance, we all aspire to visit a place to calm our nerves and a serene place to unload our daily obligations and duties. All probable places, no matter how compact, have their distinctive characteristics, making them well renowned. My dearest place is Una, Himachal. It is a cluster of my maternal ancestors’ legacy. The evocation and acquaintance with this mesmerising place are what makes it significant to me. India has everything to serve all the tourists fantasies whether it be a party place or a calm one, a snow land or a desert, almost everything is accessible.

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