The Girl Child: Female Infanticide

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~ Vaishnavi Varier 

It was a sunny morning

But the women were only mourning

As guilt and angst and sorrow

Crippled their life for every other morrow.

It was on a similar day

That they knelt to pray

For the birth of their king

Who would never shrink

The wide and wild traditions

And the so-called ambitions

Of being the jack of all arts

And the winner of all hearts.

For their luckless fate

A girl was born who is nothing but a bait

Of the century-old custom

That stands tall in the system.

Patriarchy they say is the lord of the wild

Whom you could please with the soul of the child.

Tossed in the air was the crying infant

And the mother wept but only in silence

Because she too was the victim

Of the reckless fate that belittled

All the dreams of having a girl child.

Her soul screamed in agony

And the mother could not see this tragedy.

“What was her fault?”, she asked

To the man who slaughtered her life

“It is a bane for us,” said he

“To have a girl in the family,”

And before he could finish the mother shouted

“Kill me too for I was a girl child once”.

“Kill your mother, kill your sister, kill every other woman

But still, you will never win

For this is nothing but sin;

A sin for which you can never grin.”

The child smiled from the heavens,

With the power to kills the devils

And thus she was named Goddess,

The keeper of women and fighter of

chorus who resonated the prayers

for the sinner of the sins.

And one sunny day

The chariot of the Lord came

But this time, with his severed head

In the hands of the goddess

who proudly held

an armor of power.

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