Value of Time

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~ Tejas Bobe 

Time is a funny thing
Passes away even if you don’t use it
Obeys no man, follows no rules
Just flows on, from night till noon

Now it was morning, then it was noon,
Seems like it flew away way too soon
There was work to do, deadlines to meet,
But we kept ignoring it

They say time is money
Money that never grows,
Money that never ends
But gives you enough to spend

No one can stop time,
No one can control it,
But everyone can manage it,
Use it to their own benefit

The choice is in your hands,
You can decide what to do
But if you keep ignoring the work,
Facing the consequences is up to you

We can’t get back the time we lost
But can keep ourselves from wasting more,
Use it wisely and succeed in life,
Waste it and ruin your life.

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