The Bermuda Triangle: A Resolved Mystery

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Source – Encyclopedia Britannica

We come across many anecdotes of the famous Bermuda Triangle, also known as the Devil’s Triangle. It is usually believed that there is some supernatural power controlling the functioning and existence of the Bermuda Triangle because no visitor has ever managed to come back from this mysterious place. It is often infamously called ‘the lake of no return’.

But now our scientists have solved this long-standing mystery. Excited? Let us move beyond these mysteries and find out the real deal. 


It is the region in the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean. It is the triangle between 2 major Islands and one city namely Bermuda, Puerto Rico, and Florida respectively. Many aircraft and ships are said to have disappeared under mysterious circumstances from this specific region. 


Arguably the first instance of the limelight for the Bermuda Triangle came through an article published by Edward Van Winkle on September 17, 1950. In this article, Edward talked about the mysterious disappearances of many ships and aircraft. The accurate size of the devil’s triangle is yet unknown. 

All disappearing events failed to generate any distressing signals at the time of the mishap. Fancy theories claim that when any external element enters the Bermuda triangle, there is a sudden increase in the wind speed of the area. This is accompanied by a magnetic force that attracts the intruder. The communication soon goes off and the navigation system fails. That’s why most of the ships and aircraft lost communication and got sucked deep into the sea. 


There was once an incident that occurred in August 1942. One aircraft flew over the Bermuda Triangle and suddenly the wind speed increased and its navigation system also stopped working and till today there is no clue about that aircraft. After two days one rescue team went and they traced its last location and again the same incident happened with the rescue team and they also disappeared.  

In 1970, Bruce German, an aircraft pilot, went to the Bermuda Triangle and safely returned from there. After returning he described everything that happened there. When Bruce entered the Bermuda Triangle his aircraft speed increased up to 3000 km/hr and this wasn’t possible for a normal aircraft to bear the speed. The clouds were coming closer to his aircraft, there was only fog everywhere and it seemed like it would swallow the aircraft. After some time Bruce was successful in crossing the Bermuda Triangle.  


After so many years of scientific research, the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle was solved. Researchers claim that inside the Bermuda Triangle there are many active volcanoes and when the volcanoes explode they release many poisonous gasses including high amounts of methane gas. When this methane gas gets mixed with water it decreases the density of water. As a result, any ship that goes there sinks. Our ship designs are made for the sea with a normal density rate and can’t float on water with low density. This is the reason for the sinking of the ships in the Bermuda Triangle.

Source –  the independent

As we know there are many aircraft that got lost in the Bermuda triangle. The reason behind this is the presence of “Hexagonal Clouds“. These are the clouds with six sides and inside these clouds, the speed of wind is immeasurably high. Moreover, there are so many small hills in this area of the Bermuda Triangle that when the air clashes with these hills, it leads to the formation of a big tornado. Inside the tornado, the speed of wind is so high that if anything comes within its sphere, it gets destroyed. This is the reason behind the submergence of aircraft into the water.


Now that we have a better understanding of the Bermuda Triangle‘s mystery, we should realise that everything has its own set of causes. There are arguably no supernatural ties on this planet. All we have to do now is figure out why they exist.

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