Importance Of Life Skills

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~ Manika 

Life skills are the skills that are needed to maintain a balance in our lives. Everyone has a skill and their areas of expertise and knowledge. These skills and knowledge are used by them at various points of time in their life. Similarly having life skills is also very important so that one can live a balanced life and have an easy approach to a happy and fulfilling life.

1)Solves Problems

Life skills are a set of skills to solve the challenges  that we face in our daily lives. One can be talented and hardworking but if not acquainted with life skills, one can have difficulty in solving problems. Life skills help us in making informed and proper decisions in times of pressure. Often We can be forced to make decisions in a stressful situation, thus it becomes important for one to have life skills to not crack under the pressure. They help us develop problem solving skills, because one needs them at every turn of life, till death.

2) Work life and personal life

Having life skills and being smart in decision making is what sets us apart from others. They help make people aware and sharp. They help us adapt and change to the needs of the surrounding with ease. They let people accept the situation as it is and not force them to go into denial.  According to the practice, in a situation you calm yourself, review various options and solutions by being creative and then choosing the most appropriate one. Thus making the best decision instead of a rash one.

3) Emotional Understanding

The other way of communicating than talking is emotions. We know that communicating our thoughts and ideas in the best possible way is very important. It is crucial to understand others and to make them understand us for the world to function properly. So to have good communication skills is crucial to make others simply understand us. Thus it is imperative to empathise, feel and understand others as well as our emotions and feelings.

4) Career and professional Focus

One should be aware of their goals in life and the future. Should be decisive and work relentlessly to achieve them. One should be focussed and unbothered by others’ opinions.

5) Introspect

In the process of working and moving ahead in life, we often forget to stop and reflect upon our actions. We must review our actions and behaviours. To know and accept our mistakes that become hurdles in growth and to ensure that we don’t repeat them. To review our strategies and understand our strengths and change our plan in the best way afterwards and execute it.

How Can Life Skills Be Inculcated?

Life skills can be inculcated in children from a small age. It becomes easy for them to make it a part of the thinking process in their lives. They would not have to work specifically on them in later stages. They will help them make decisions and be independent early in their lives. By making sure that parents encourage children to take decisions even in small situations in real life. By giving them situations and asking their opinions on them. They can also narrate stories with life lessons and ones that include decision making and thought-provoking instances.

Parents can imbibe in them the practice of goal setting and help keep track of their achievements so that when they grow up they become successful individuals. By encouraging them to make practical decisions and by having confidence in their thoughts and feelings, life lessons can be inculcated in children.

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