Stay Safe, Stay Home!

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~ Kritika Chauhan​ 

We are currently living in a very ironic situation, Where we are looking for motivation that would help us to stay at home, but a few months back during our regular days we would just dream about our tough day to end, so we could run back towards our home, and enjoy every day, like a Sunday.

The things happening around us are worrisome but are out of our control. So let’s sit back and invest our energy in things that are, in fact,  under our control; the foremost being, our responsibility during this pandemic. By staying at home, we are not just keeping ourselves safe, but also the ones who are more prone to the virus.

So here are some ways we can utilize the time we have with us now:

Binge-watch shows and movies that you never had the time to watch. Apart from that try learning a new instrument or a new skill. You even have the time to brush up on your existing skills, maybe the painting you always wanted to complete, the song you always wanted to write; or anything! Think it up!  Keep yourself fit, both mentally and physically. Search up for some great Yoga/fitness tutorials online and catch up with them!  If you are looking for a productive way to use your time in quarantine, then you should make the commitment to learning a brand-new skill that can help you build a good resume!      

Digital Marketing, learning a language through Duo lingo App, Coding tutorials, etc. Maybe this quarantine period is the time for some Deep Cleaning! Clean up your houses thoroughly to keep the well-used surfaces disinfected.

Side Hustle: Come up with innovative ideas to freelance with your skills. Thinking of an article to post or code to write, this is the best time to do it. Setting up short goals: Write down your personal and professional goals that you want to achieve. We all have a bunch of tasks that might not be fun but are to be completed. Read, Research & get creative: Reading even for 20 minutes changes the outcome of the whole day.  Read Journals, Novels, Self Help Books. Research about the topic that piqued your interest and gets creative. 


Although coronavirus is dangerous for mankind let’s remind ourselves that mankind is however not everything that the Earth consists of.  Every situation has a good side to it, we might just need to look a little harder to find it; in this case, the good side of the pandemic is that the Earth is Healing! 

  • Air pollution is decreased, due to the reduction in emission of carbon dioxide(CO2) and sulphur oxides(SO2) which were the main air pollutants.
  • Lockdown also resulted in a reduction in noise pollution. All the honking of the vehicles are almost over as well as the smoke and soot particles are nearly nil.
  • The water pollution level is decreased because there is no more industrial waste being released into water bodies since all the factories are shut completely.
  • And the hardest hit factor of our ecosystem was the wildlife. There is a rejuvenation of wildlife these days. Due to zero human activities, we can see some animals like Neel-Gai (Wild cow) roaming on the roads of Delhi. Dolphins have returned to shores in Mumbai.

What we are currently facing, is in no doubt worrisome, but we need to keep a positive attitude and remind ourselves.


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