Covid – 19 and Lockdown

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~ Tanya Arora​ 

Covid-19”, is something that many of us have been dreaming of since the beginning of 2020. No wonder, it has ruined the economy of various countries and affected the lives of many people. Everyone is well aware of the problems and the pain that Covid-19 has brought with it.

But what exactly is Covid-19?

“Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is an acute infectious respiratory disease caused by a newly discovered coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2).”

 It affects a person with mild respiratory illness and can be recovered without any special treatment, but older people or people with chronic illness can be affected severely and lead to the development of serious illness.

The main cause of the spreading of this disease is ‘physical contact’. This contact need not be limited to only humans, but it can also spread by coming in contact with certain objects that someone with a positive case might have touched earlier. In a nutshell, nothing around you is safe anymore.

So how can you protect yourself from this transmission of coronavirus? The solution is as simple as staying at home. By staying at home, you are not only protecting yourself but also protecting your loved ones. Coronavirus cannot attack you until and unless you are exposed to harmful bacteria. That’s why, under the global pandemic, we all have been advised to “stay at home” through a national lockdown. Stay at home as long as you can and only step out of your house if it is inevitable. If you decide to step out of your house, make sure to wear a mask and gloves and sanitize yourself as soon as you return.

For a number of people, spending time at home has always been an enjoy-full activity whereas, for some, it is equivalent to anxiety and uneasiness. What should be done in such cases? How can one spend the time in a productive way while staying at home?

A few of the ways that one can use in order to enjoy this time are:

Remember that this is the time to catch up on your life that you don’t usually get the time to during your busy schedules. It is not a productivity contest. So indulge in things that will provide you with calmness.

  1. Look for a long-lost passion or hobby and improve your skills.
  2. Take care of your soul and mind – include things like meditation and yoga that will bring peace to your mind.
  3. Read. Reading has always been considered as a healthy habit which fills you with all kinds of knowledge about the world as well as improves your thoughts and views.
  4. Remember how you’ve always thought of spending more time with your family when you get time off from your busy schedule? This is the perfect opportunity to do so. Spend time with them, listen to their stories, become a part of their experiences and learn from them, expand your thoughts and share your own views, play games and maybe take a trip back in your childhood days.
  5. Self-care – take care of yourself. Spend time with yourself, pamper yourself with all the home remedies, get to know about your own self and introspect. Find what makes you happy in life.
  6. Help those in need. Be it humans or animals (the strays near you), find ways to help them during this difficult time. Try to provide them with food essentials and whatever you can that may make their lives better.
  7. Explore new ways to workout. Exercise doesn’t only make you lose fat, but it also affects your intellectual, emotional and cognitive domains.

Similarly, there are hundreds of things that you can do to make this time a memorable time for yourself and everyone around you.

Coronavirus though has brought many negative things along with itself, but if looked at with a little optimism, it has also brought a few positive aspects.

Since the lockdown, the overall pollution level has decreased at an astonishing rate; the water bodies are now more clean and clear; the wildlife seems to enjoy the peace and has been blooming and is as fresh as ever. People in some areas have also seen animals stepping out of their habitats and enjoying the surroundings.

Moreover, people now can spend quality time with their loved ones, take a break from this competitive life and introspect.


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    1. Hi Ajay, Thank you very much for going through our blogs. It’s a pleasure to give voice to the facts and opinions for you all to read. Keep encouraging us by staying tuned to our posts and with your lovely comments.
      Thanks a lot!

  1. Covid-19 made the human being to think about the life style. It demands to change ourselves from destruction of resources to preserve it and use wisely.

    1. Hi Ajay, Thank you very much for going through our blogs. It’s a pleasure to give voice to the facts and opinions for you all to read. Keep encouraging us by staying tuned to our posts and with your lovely comments.
      Thanks a lot!

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