Republic Day Blanket Distribution Drive

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SK Children Foundation celebrated Republic Day in advance on January 25, 2022. The event was held at SKCF’s on-ground centre in Janakpuri with our bright students and volunteers. For the children, a ‘Mega Blanket Distribution Drive’ was held. More than 200 blankets were distributed to the children to provide them with the much needed warmth against the biting cold winters. Our volunteers, like always, contributed hugely in making this event a successful one.

SK Children Foundation believes in providing our students with an overall exposure to a normal school life. For the same reason, we celebrate all festivals and days of national importance with our tiny tots. Republic Day, needless to say, is one of the most important days for our nation. This was the day on which Indian Constitution came into force. Children must understand the significance of such special days so that they grow up to become a nationalist. SKCF took the initiative to help children learn the significance of Republic Day and develop a sense of nationalism.

In schools, societies, and different organizations Republic day is celebrated by flag hoisting ceremony, singing our national anthem, followed by cultural events and distribution of sweets and snacks. The less fortunate kids usually don’t get the opportunity to do all this. SKCF made sure that they wouldn’t miss out on anything. We began the ceremony by hoisting the national flag. This was followed by a beautiful dance performance by our lovely students on the patriotic song ‘desh rangila’.

Later on, everyone sang a few Indian patriotic songs with our team cheerfully. All the children were holding the flag of India proudly. Along with the blanket, children were also given a packet of juice and a sandwich. Everyone was wearing masks and following the covid protocols. Children were seated on the mat and were called one by one. The whole event happened very smoothly.

SKCF president Mr Raghav Sharma at the Republic Day event

As a result of the cold wave in India in 2020, many lost their lives. These little children deserve to have access to the basic necessities of life. Let’s not let money stand between them and the opportunities they deserve. We should do our utmost to prevent them from going hungry, from being cold, or from losing their education because of poverty. In the end, all that matters are the smiles on these innocent faces.

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