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~Jyotsna Sarkar

“A slice of bread can illuminate a beautiful smile” – knows the one who has no option of wasting. Imagine the lives of those who mould themselves to starve through many hours and slog to make money just for one meal a day. In this pandemic, some people went jobless, homeless, and had no food to eat, nor did they have proper clothes to wear, to bear this brutally cold weather.

While India’s deteriorating position in the statistical data on poverty and GDP were making up the headlines of news channels and papers, there were people working at their own level to alleviate the situation. SK Children Foundation stands in the front of that row. We have been working tirelessly to reduce the number of empty stomachs, more rigorously since the pandemic hit the world.


We are trying our best to help those in need with more than 100 volunteers on-board. During the third wave of COVID-19, SK Children Foundation continued with it’s project launched in 2016 titled “PROJECT AASHRAY ” with the objective of providing meals to the needy. The latest food distribution drive was conducted on 14th January, 2022. The SKCF team comprising of 10 -15 volunteers in Saharanapur, Uttar Pradesh distributed over 500 food packets containing veg biryani to people within two hours. The drive was held under the guidance of our regional manager Ms. Aditi Dhiman. ​​


Aashray is synonymous to “ Sahara” or “ Sharan”. In other words, it means support or assistance. The goal of this project is to give support to everyone in need by serving food. So far, we have distributed 50,000 meals and are striving to increase our scope and reach. Food drives and fundraisers have also been conducted for cyclone victims in West Bengal after the onset of Cyclone Amphan.

Other drives

There are some other incredible drives which have been held by SK Children Foundation. Dive with us into our journey of spreading happiness! Do check out the blogs below and get to know about our other projects and drives!

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We, at SKCF, truly believe in the motto of equality. Everyone in society deserves access to basic necessities of life. Our drives are aimed at realising our motto. Stay tuned to witness more such food distribution drives and connect with us on our social media handles to get new updates!

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