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 -Jyotsna Sarkar

SK Children Foundation again came up with the Food Distribution Drive which was held on the auspicious occasion of Maha Shivaratri on March 01, 2022. The celebration was organized by the Khalsites wing of SK Children Foundation. Here are the glimpses of the Food Distribution Drive. 


There are many stories behind celebrating the Maha Shivaratri, as you may have heard of the reunion of Lord Shiva & Parvati or the story of protecting the world; Shiva held the poison in his throat and many more stories are there. Behind all of these sacrifices of Lord Shiva, the fundamental motto was to preserve and support humankind and teach them a lesson of love and brotherhood despite having a blood relationship. That’s what SKCF is working for, trying to cultivate love by supporting and protecting. 


SKCF believes in the strength of prayer and blessings. The celebration started with the pooja of Lord Shiva “Maha Dev or The God of Destruction”. After the ceremony, our volunteers distributed freshly prepared delicious samosa, patties, etc. to over 100 people. We celebrated the whole day with them. Their warm smiles and sparkling eyes were very satisfying to discern. This is not the first time SKCF served to underprivileged people. Since we understand the value of food, we have been running Project Ashray to make sure that there are no hungry stomachs. 

We are very honoured to have great members of the team of SKCF. The hard work and determination of our volunteers are commendable. We thank every member of the SKCF family as well as the readers who contribute to society by their talents and donations. Without them, it would be impossible!

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