Kind Beings And Women Empowerment

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~ Sujitha 

SKCF is a Non-Governmental and Non-Profit Organisation founded by Mr. Raghav Sharma. SKCF provides education to children from humble backgrounds. The primary objective of the organisation is to achieve holistic development of children and last-mile education connectivity.  

SKCF had conducted a live session with an NGO named Kind Beings. It was held on the eve of International Women’s Day, celebrated on the 8th of March 2021. The guest in the live session was Aishwarya Srivastav. She leads the Public Relations (PR) domain of Kind Beings. Live sessions are frequently conducted by SKCF on various issues of significance. They are conducted to spread awareness, bring positive change and dismantle negative stereotypes.

Kind Beings is a self-funded Non-Governmental Organisation(NGO). It has been 2 years since the NGO has become operational. Its activities are mainly focused on Delhi. The NGO has successfully spread its ambit to 7 States. Kind Beings has 2,500 volunteers, taking the NGO forward.

Takeaways from the Live Session:

Women empowerment is a holistic concept. It broadly means the ability of girls and women to believe in themselves. It also includes their ability to challenge conventional gender roles and gender stereotypes. Women empowerment also includes women taking control of themselves without getting influenced. 

Women and their importance:

Women form half of the world’s population. They play a very important role in society. They are pillars of the family. They contribute to growth at all three levels viz., family, societal, country. They thereby play a very important role. But their role and importance are often underplayed and neglected.

Issues women face in Indian society:

Women face a lot of issues in society. Many of them are linked to the stereotyping of women and defining strict gender roles. Some of the issues faced by many women in their daily life are- Body-Shaming, Domestic Violence, Dowry demands and dowry deaths, misbehaviour, molestations and the list goes on.      

Women are not allowed to have opinions. They are not allowed to take up careers of their own choice, like women going into politics are advised strongly not to. Women’s role is generally considered to be confined to kitchens. Women are not paid equally with a man despite putting in the same hard work.

Feminism, just another name for equality:

The meaning of the word has been distorted. It came to be understood to mean to discriminate against men and favour women. Many people are sceptical of feminism because of this reason. But, feminism in reality means treating men and women equally. Feminism does not support or favor discrimination of any kind. It asks for the equality of women and treating them with dignity and respect. It seeks due recognition to women in all fields.

The adoption of feminist ideology is not restricted to women alone. Men can also be feminists. Because it is a fight for equality. Equality, by itself, means moving to a society free of discrimination against both men and women.

What is to be done:

The fight against stereotypes should be a multifaceted strategy. It should be waged at all levels viz., individual, familial, societal. Any change can only be brought by the coming together of individuals. Men should also take part in the fight against discrimination against women. Government should bring the required policies and laws. Policies and laws should protect women against discrimination, violence and also ensure their positive growth.

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