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By Raj Agrawal

The Winter season is the most loved season of all time, especially for the children. It is not only because they get winter holidays to enjoy,  but for the dream, they have always had to meet Santa Clause or celebrate Christmas with Santa Claus.

25th December is not only a date but it’s an emotion for all the Children who think that their beloved Santa will come and give them the special gifts that they have always wanted to have. Like every year, this year too,  SK Children Foundation will be Santa Claus for them. Click here to watch the toy distribution conducted by SKCF.

Now the story begins…..

As you know, at the beginning of the pandemic,  the situation was worse and our children had to go through a phase of uncertainty. Many organizations came forward to help the needy, many volunteers from different organizations helped people in their best capacities while staying united.

During the pandemic, SK Children Foundation helped children in need with their basic education and also took care of their nourishment. It helped them to restart their pre-pandemic life and give them the boost. The foundation initiated various campaigns and projects to counter the situation and also succeeded in all of them.

SK children Foundation and Christmas

We love our children the most and also celebrate every festival with them. We believe that happiness will get doubled if we share it with our little inquisitive minds. We always try to give our best so that our children can learn some new skills that can help them in the future.

Sk children foundation is like a Santa Claus for the children, we give them what they need and whatever they want to have because they’re not merely our students, but also the reason behind our smiles.

As their Santa,  SKCF has done many things for them and has started many projects to help them.

Education for all

The vision of our organization is to give basic education to all our children. During the pandemic, we helped children in the best possible way. So that they can restart their life like a pre-pandemic. Also besides this, we have distributed mobile phones to the children to restart their online classes. 

Project Aashray

In a country like India, malnutrition is very common due to food insecurity. During the pandemic, SKCF distributed nearly 50,000 meals. One of the goals  of our NGO is to assist and help all those in need. We do our best to serve the underprivileged sections of society. 

Jacket Distribution Drive

Have you ever thought about how poor people spend their lives in the winter? It’s not possible for a common man to spend the whole night without any warm cover. But what about these children?  

We at SKCF have been distributing customized jackets for the little ones for the last 2 years so that they can have something to bear this winter. Click here to know more.

Project Udaan

SK Children Foundation has started this project Udaan for the awareness of menstrual hygiene. Under this project, we have distributed sanitary pads to the girls and women and have educated them on personal hygiene and the process. 

Khalsites of SKCF Clothes Distribution

SKCF started Khalsites of SKCF under the Campus Ambassador program. One of its major goals is to reach as many people as possible and help them with the available resources.

Such programs work towards the main motto of the organization. During our recent Fundraising Drive, they collected donations and distributed clothes and bread. In this, They help the people who are in need and feed stray dogs and other animals.

In the end, it’s all about how can someone help somebody to get them a better life ahead. SK Children foundation has done many things for the children. Besides their basic education,  we provide everything to them including basic amenities like food, clothes, and all that they want to have.
Want to know more about us? Click here.

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