How To Plan A Birthday Party In Lockdown?

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~ Manika and Prakriti Prakash

Lockdown is here yet again, this time to stay for a long period. It feels as if people born in April, May, and June are the ultimate target of this pandemic, considering that even last year the pandemic was in full swing during these months, ruining the plans of these people to celebrate. But as the saying goes – there is always a way to turn things around. So, don’t worry! We’re here with some exciting ideas which you can use to make the birthday of your near and dear ones special and exciting! 

If the birthday is of a family member, you can implement every idea given below and plan the entire day for them! And if you’re a friend, then make sure to include the family members of the birthday boy/girl in the plan. So let’s begin –

  1.  A Fun Zumba Session 

Our mornings in lockdown have become lousy and boring. The unusual slow start to our morning leaves us lethargic for the entire day, driving away the spirit to do something productive. So if you’re planning to cheer your friend/family member up, Zumba is the best thing to cheer them up. You can select a Zumba session video from YouTube easily. So, go find your workout shoes, remove the dust which lockdown has put on them and get ready for a great session with the birthday girl/boy. It will not only make them feel better, but you’ll end up having a good time with them as well. If you’re a family member planning the party, ensure that everyone in the family takes part in the Zumba session to make it more exciting. 

  1.  Pray Together 

The pandemic has left many with hopelessness and others with gratitude. It is during this period that many of us have recognised our privileges when there are millions out there on the roads, suffering. So, on the occasion of being able to celebrate another birthday amid a pandemic, it is a good idea to pray together. After the Zumba workout, the whole family can get together and pray to express gratitude for what you have. 

  1. Donate prasad – an act of gratitude

If possible, donate the prasad or holy offering to the needy people nearby. These are tough times and people are finding it difficult to even survive. You can distribute the prasad in your nearby areas and express gratitude for having what others don’t have.

However, one must not forget to take all the necessary precautions and adhere to the guidelines. 

  1.  Become a birthday Photographer!

Getting clicked is something that everyone loves. But lockdown has restricted our movement and opportunity to visit an aesthetic place and collect pictures for our social media feed. So if you’re planning to make them feel normal again, do not forget to treat them with a lot of clicks! If you have a terrace or a balcony, make sure that you put some effort to make an aesthetic corner with balloons, lights, etc. so that the birthday girl/boy can boast of a beautiful background. 

  1.  A Movie Lunch 

To make the afternoon interesting and fun, arrange the movie that the birthday girl/boy wanted to watch and surprise them by presenting its dramatic screening on TV/Laptop along with their favourite lunch dishes. This will fill the void of not being able to go to the movie hall and will continue the surprise streak. If you’re a friend, then you can screen the movie using any video calling platform easily. 

  1.  Bake a Cake!

There can be no best time other than this to show off your culinary skills. With most of the bakeries closed right now, it is tough to order a cake. So why not bake one? There are plenty of tutorials online. Choose the one that matches the preference of the birthday girl/boy and surprise them with your skills! Make sure you arrange all the necessary ingredients to avoid a last-minute rush. Baking a cake of the choice of the birthday girl/boy will fill them with euphoria

  1.  A Skincare Session

Birthdays usually have a routine of everyone getting ready at the salon before the big birthday bash, be it a haircut or a blow-dry. Well, the family members may not be able to give such services but some of them can be done. The birthday girl/boy can be given a good hairstyle. There are several videos on hairstyling. Nice makeup and beautiful nail polish will make them feel special. Afterwards, the whole family can get all dressed up as if going for the night party. It will then not feel like a birthday in lockdown. 

  1.  A Surprise Video Conference with Old Friends

Birthdays are best celebrated with your crazy old friends and doing crazy dancing. But the situation does not give us this luxury. A video conference with your close friends makes you realise that they are there, happy for you and want to be a part of your celebration and your special day. The surprise element will make them even happier. 

  1.  Dancing and gaming 

Afterwards, the whole family can get together, set up the speakers, and play their party playlist. Getting on your dancing shoes and grooving on the dance floor will make the party fun, enjoyable, and make everyone forget their worries. It will make the day memorable. Dancing makes the celebration a blast and doesn’t let the party be monotonous. 

  1.  Ending with a good dinner together

Food is the way to someone’s heart. Having a nice scrumptious dinner will leave everyone savouring and devouring over the delicacies. After dancing and grooving, ending the day with the favourite food items of the birthday girl/boy will make them feel super happy and will be a perfectly celebrated birthday. Food is a huge part of the celebration where people expect to have tasty dishes.

So, go ahead, what are you waiting for? Surprise your favourite person on your birthday with a party! Forget the worries for a day and celebrate the day! Cheers!

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