Family: A Bond that Shapes

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By – Tejas Bobe ​

Let us start by asking a simple question: What is family? A family is simply a group of people we share our love, joy and sorrow with, who are there for us no matter the circumstances we go through. Family is the one who shapes our life, moulds our personality and ultimately helps us to become who we are. Family is the support you will never have to pay for because they will be there to cheer for you on every accomplishment. This unconditional love is what makes a family.

When we talk about family, it’s not just restricted to our parents, siblings, partner, children, relatives or in-laws. Even our friends and pets become a part of an extended family for us, who care for us and are there in both our triumphs and tribulations. Family is not about the people who are related to us by blood, they are the people whom we trust and can rely on more than ourselves. They are the ones with whom we spend our most beautiful time, and trust that they are going to look out for our back and shield us from all the hardships making our lives just as beautiful to live with.

In this age of digitalization, where we all are caught up in our fast-paced lives. We are always trying to achieve something or the other, competing for proving our worth with all the people around us. The only place where we are accepted just the way we are and find our solace is and always will be our family. No matter how well you succeed in life or how well off your lifestyle becomes, the family is the thread that ties us to our roots and our humble beginnings. Our family is where we first start to gain our identity, our culture, and most importantly, our motive for life. Even if we achieve the success of seven skies through our knowledge and persistence they are the ones who will always help us to be down to earth and humble about our beginnings.

Right from the moment we are born, our parents become our family. They are the ones who take care of us, raise us and look after our needs and interests. Just like the earthen pots we become just the way our creators shape us, we imbibe on the qualities passed on by them. It won’t be wrong to say, that we are just the mini impressions of our parents in every other way. Parents are the eternal flame of wisdom that keeps on burning on our path to show us the right direction whenever we get lost or feel low. Our family and friends are the ones who have the most influence on our lives and that’s what makes us follow in their footsteps and create an identity for ourselves.

No family is perfect. We fight, we argue, we have ideological differences, we even stop talking to each other for days but in the end, the family is family. These are the imperfections of relations that actually enrich our bond, makes us survive in the hard times and that’s what makes us love them even more. A man without friends and family is just the equivalent to a body living its life without its soul missing out on the true purpose of life our creator has handed us with. One must always remember to be there for the people we love and cherish because those were the exact ones who we there for us when we needed them the most.

Throughout our life, a lot of factors change us, our personalities, behaviour, and most importantly our way of life, but we always end up with the ones we started with, i.e. our friends and family. Have faith in them and support them and there would be no other happiness you would crave or desire.

“Families are the inspiration that guides us. They are the inspiration to reach great heights, and your comfort when we occasionally falter”

Brad Henry


4 Responses

  1. Great work!! and loved the way you kept it simple yet relatable to the modern scenario. Keep it up

    1. Hi Sarvesh, Thank you very much for going through our blogs. It’s a pleasure to give voice to the facts and opinions for you all to read. Keep encouraging us by staying tuned to our posts and with your lovely comments.
      Thanks a lot!

    1. Hi Shreyansh, Thank you very much for going through our blogs. It’s a pleasure to give voice to the facts and opinions for you all to read. Keep encouraging us by staying tuned to our posts and with your lovely comments.
      Thanks a lot!

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