Hobbies: An Edge to Personality

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~ By Jiah Bhutani and Saakshi Sharma

“Today is the life-the only life you are sure of. Make the most of today. Get interested in something. Shake yourself awake. Develop a hobby. Let the winds of enthusiasm sweep through you. Live today with gusto”.

                                                                                               ~Dale Carnegie

Hobby. When you read the word what was the first thing that came to your mind? It could be dancing or singing or reading or painting or anything that you are interested in. So a hobby is an activity carried out in accordance with your interest. That activity might be unique or not. But if you are intrigued or involved in it whenever you have time then that’s your hobby.

Having a hobby definitely helps to get something productive out of leisure time. Along with that it also contributes to the development of personalities of individuals. 

Builds confidence 

Owing and enjoying any hobby always keeps you enthusiastic and builds your confidence. It is a reflection of who you are. You might be a person who couldn’t speak in front of even a few people. But at the same time, you also might be the person breaking the dance floor every time you hit it. 

Each day you perform the activities that you enjoy; you end up becoming a more confident person than you were.

Boosts creativity

Every individual on the earth possesses a brain. Then you yourself can imagine how many people around you are capable of thinking the same thing that you do. Then what distinguishes you from all those around you? It’s creative thinking.  How much creativity and innovation can you put up in your approach and eventually the result is what’s important. This is what adds to your personality and makes you different. 

A hobby is what helps us open that part of our brain that we didn’t know existed! And it does that very easily by simply affecting and influencing the smallest activities we do.

Becomes a profession

We often hear everyone saying ‘love what you do’. And that’s very true also. We should love the job or the work we are doing. 

So if you are very keenly interested in a particular activity. And you possess certain life skills competent for a similar profession as your hobby. Then isn’t it nice, satisfactory as well as beneficial to take up your hobby and develop it as a profession?

How having an hobby gives an edge to job application

Degrees, qualifications and grades are just the eligibility criteria to apply for a certain job. This is done by the interviewer to narrow down her/his focus from a mountain full of eager candidates to a handful of candidates who meet or exceed the job description criteria.

Once the prerequisites are verified, then comes the twisted part. Having a brief idea of your academic background and presentation skills the employers will try to verify whether or not you portray the data in your CV, and most crucially that you fit in the demands of the business.

The rapid increase in the number of people in search jobs has created cut-through competition throughout the global market.

Different type of hobbies

If you do not feel a contentment from your hobbies you would be more likely to drop them later, so the best hobby is the one you enjoy that will build a character immensely striking, here is the list of some hobbies that one may try to find her/his true passion,

  1. Read a book

No matter if it is fictional or non-fictional, books are always insightful and build up a perceptual ability. It is found that most of the successful people are active readers so why not make the local libraries your new hotspot!

  1. Paint/sketch

Painting has always been a part of every culture, it does not have ethnicity or race it is simply the display of a variety of emotions humankind experiences throughout her/his life. Nevertheless, it is a great way to relieve stress,

  1. Write

Writing is one of the best ways to intimate one’s mind, whether it be writing a story, a play, a script, a poem, a song or even something as undemanding as a personal diary entry. It is essential for everyone to jot down concisely what they think and feel, it will not only enhance your resume but your social skills as well.

  1. Explore nature

When work gets you down, nature will help you rise. As you feel you are not feeling your element anymore go out for a walk in nature, go hiking, camping or river rafting if you want, it will help you stabilize your energy patterns and enhance your cognitive performance.

  1. Meditate

Now you would be thinking about how meditation became a hobby, it actually has numerous benefits. It can slow the ageing process, improves health, reduces stress and anxiety and is the best way to connect with the soul.


Are you more artistic, jock or foodies? Maybe you are a board game champion and you might not know it yet, possibilities are endless. Go beyond your comfort level and pursue the things which give you an adrenaline rush because there is nothing like an ideal hobby.

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