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~Chahat Kanchan 

The wait, the suspense, the apprehension is over, for the most awaited time of the year is here. DIWALI IS HERE!! The ambience of the air changes gradually as this festive season approaches. Lights in every nook and corner, houses decorated in their way, the hustle and bustle of the marketplace – all of this reminds us of the small joys that life has to offer. And to spread this joy with everyone is what we at SKCF do.


The spirit and the ambience of the SKCF ground at the Janakpuri Centre were filled with laughter and cheerfulness and contentment. The celebrations happened on the 30th of October, at the Janakpuri Centre. The decor that ornated the place was done by the children and the volunteers, and it resonated with the theme of VOCAL FOR LOCAL. Hand made lanterns and candles and rangolis brought out the true spirit of the festival. The celebration began at around 2:00 PM.


The event began with the volunteers playing musical chairs and Hit-The-Pyramid. It further moved on with the most awaited activity- The Photoshoot. All the volunteers and the kids had fun while they were getting their photos clicked at the photo booth. 

No matter what the occasion is, it is incomplete without everyone dancing and vibing to London Thumakda. Dance is a way of expressing our emotions and the way that everyone danced showed how happy they were to be a part of the SKCF Family. The dance performance, choreographed by Sanjana Ma’am left everyone mesmerised and awestruck. Her two weeks of hard work finally paid off.

The next performance of the day was done by Vivek Kumar, a student at SKCF. He gave a speech that revolved around the importance of Diwali. He eloquently explained that 

Diwali is celebrated because it was the day when Lord Ram, Goddess Sita and Lord Lakshman returned to Ayodhya after registering a win over Ravana. He spoke of the victory of good over evil and also about burning our inner demons.

The next performance was by another one of our students, Komal. She spoke about the importance of not bursting crackers during Diwali. She reminded everyone that in the joy of celebrating, we usually tend to forget the impact crackers have on our environment. Bursting crackers is not the aim of Diwali, but bursting your inner demon is. And that is what she reminded us. 

The next was another dance performance by 2 members of our SKCF Family- Nishtha Ma’am and Drishya Ma’am, followed by another dance performance by our students. To sum it all up, the day ended on a good note, with everyone leaving with lots of gifts and photos and many happy memories. As a gesture of gratitude, the volunteers were given presents that included sweets and handmade cards and diyas made by the students of SKCF.


The presence of the Chief Guest, Ex-Major Ranvir Singh and Vice-President of SKCF, Mrs Kiran Sharma, brightened the atmosphere of the event. Greeted by Raghav Sir and all the members of the SKCF family, their attendance was a big moment for everyone, especially the children. The speeches that they delivered were inspiring and gave a light of hope to everyone present there.


When asked about their experience, Mr Raghav Sharma Sir, the Founder of SKCF, was extremely proud and pleased at how the event turned out. His aim of raising the bar of the Diwali celebration was achieved through the success of this event. He spoke about how the preparations had begun weeks before the final event day so that his aim of making the childrens’ Diwali special would be achieved. Joy increases when you have someone to share it with. Truer words haven’t been spoken and Raghav Sir increased the joy of Diwali by coordinating this celebration. 

Ms Prerna Jain, the Head of SKCF, said that the event was a huge success for her. The hard work and the preparation that went on for two weeks and paid off. The dance performances, speeches and games prepared with the help of the performances were amazing. Prerna Ma’am went on to tell us how the on-ground volunteers of the organising committee reached the venue at 10:00 AM to set everything up. She spoke of the joy she received by celebrating Diwali with the kids and the immeasurable fun she had with them.

Mr Aditya Poddar Sir, the Director of SKCF, reminiscing about his childhood, Aditya sir went on a trip down the memory lane, telling us how the game of musical chairs reminded him of his childhood. And watching those little children play, he felt like a kid at heart, with no worries or tension. After all, this festival is all about welcoming people and the happiness they bring with them.

Overall, the Diwali celebration at SKCF was a great success, something which everyone had wished and hoped for. For all those who couldn’t be a part of it or contribute to it, you can still help the tiny tots and make their Diwali better. To know more, visit the official web page of SKCF:

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