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SKCF not just imparts education, it celebrates all festivities with its members. Read about our Diwali event and get to know more about us! 

We are pleased to announce that SKCF successfully conducted the Diwali Event on 30 October 2021 at our Janakpuri centre. With the support and presence of our passionate volunteers and lovely kids, the event went smoothly as planned. Our excited volunteers and students commenced the preparations two weeks prior to the scheduled day for the event. We collaborated with the team of NIFT, Delhi for the same. A group of students from this renowned institution came all the way to our Janakpuri centre to assist our kids in card making, Diya and candle decoration. Our students also learnt how to make amazing handmade lanterns! We also made a beautiful tree poster with the hand impressions of our little munchkins. It was a pleasure to have the NIFT team with us. 

On the day of the event, everyone gathered at the centre in the morning and decorated it with great enthusiasm using the diyas, candles and lanterns. Rangolis, handmade cards and the smiles of all the attendees further lit up the atmosphere! The event started off at around 2 pm with volunteers playing musical chairs. Our students also took part in the event as performers. Two of our students gave speeches on the importance of Diwali and advised against bursting of crackers. Then a group of girls danced beautifully in front of the cheering audience! Next in line were Guddu and Omnath who confidently recited a poem! All the spectators thoroughly enjoyed the performances. 

All the volunteers and kids were provided refreshments as well. For lending a helping hand to our local vendors, we included street food like Panipuri, Tikki and so on in our menu. Along with this, snacks, burgers, cold drinks and sweets were also there for the attendees. To capture these beautiful memories, we hired professional photographers. So, for those who could not attend the Diwali event, we have got you covered!

The presence of our chief guests Major Ranvir Singh and Vice-president of SKCF Mrs Kiran Sharma made the Diwali event even more bright. And it is impossible not to mention the immense contribution of our founder, Mr Raghav Sharma, our Head Ms Prerna Jain and our Director Mr Aditya Poddar for working on this event from the scratch. Mr Rajiv Aggarwal, like always, was there with the team to guide and direct the preparations from beginning till the end. Last but not least, we are proud of our diligent volunteers and kids who helped us with the conduction of the event. This Diwali event will stay in all our hearts as a beautiful memory for a very long time to come! 

Smiling Faces and Shining Eyes: Diwali 2021

Diwali Snaps 2021

Could not attend our Diwali event? Don’t worry, we have got you covered!

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Our Preparation for Diwali Event

Preparation of  Diwali Event done by our volunteers and students.

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