An Electrifying Excursion

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~ Manasvi Vashisth & Dipesh Malhotra

On 16 February 2022, a bunch of 44 Kids along with the SKCF volunteers set out for a day-long excursion. The kids had their eyes set on the gates of the park, as they awaited the arrival of the bus. Filled with excitement and eagerness, they could not hold their teeth and had wide smiles on their faces. The bus arrived, the kids rushed and took their seats and it marked the beginning of a wonderful journey! As a part of our holy tradition, we kicked off our journey by playing “Antakshari”! The liveliness of these young buds was unmatched. We didn’t even realise where the time flew, and in another moment we reached our first destination.

Stop One- Nehru Planetarium

Our first stop was the Nehru Planetarium. The kids were fascinated and were eager to explore. SKCF volunteers helped them by explaining to them the different science models showcased in the planetarium. For everyone, this visit was an enriching one. But everyone would agree to the fact that the ‘Light Show’ was the showstopper and everyone thoroughly enjoyed it! Filled with excitement and loads of knowledge we left the premises and headed on to the next destination. 

Stop two- Talkatora Garden

A sudden change in itinerary made us visit the Talkatora Garden. It was a fun picnic time, the kids soaked and played in the sunlight, we could hear their giggles which clearly showed that they were having the best of their time! After a little exhaustion, they had snacks and we all enjoyed our lunch time together. These times make us realise the importance of small moments of joy, which have a deep impact on our lives. Cherishing the moments of togetherness bound with love and care the day came to a happy end. We all boarded the bus and reached back to SKCF’s Janakpuri centre. The kids were still savouring the taste of their visits and were reminiscing the memories we all made on our way to this small excursion


The day-long excursion had a lot of lessons to teach. The kids at SKCF are always filled with positivity, enthusiasm and zeal to learn new things. There’s no trace of the word like ‘exhaustion’ in their dictionaries and that sums up the most important learning, “Always be ready for the next adventure!”. The second important lesson which could be learnt from these little buds is ‘have no fear of rejection and be expressive of your thoughts and feelings!’ The boundations to happiness are not defined, one can explore endless reasons to be happy if he/she wants to be, just like these small kids find innumerable ways to enjoy themselves! The day was wonderful and worth remembering. 

We at SKCF, strive to make each day valuable and unforgettable and give the kids a million reasons to smile!

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