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~Chahat Kanchan

The Annual Day at SKCF was an event worth remembering. Here is how it turned out to be.

The year 2021 ended on different notes for everyone. But somehow, we all said goodbye to it happily. And what better way of saying goodbye than saying it together with everyone. That is exactly what we did at SKCF Annual Day of 2021, which was celebrated on the 25th of December, 2021. We celebrated our Annual Day on the day of Christmas, with all the children and the volunteers present.

The celebration was held at a hall in Arya Samaj Mandir near our Janakpuri Center . It was ornately decorated with colorful balloons everywhere and handmade Christmas decorations. The celebration began with the lighting of the lamp by our esteemed guests, Mrs. and Mr. Alok Aggarwal, Mr. and Mrs. Bajwa, Mr. Santosh Kumar Arya. Our esteemed guests were given a heartfelt welcome with a bouquet presented by our Director- Aditya Poddar sir, Head- Prerna Jain ma’am, Vice President- Kiran Sharma ma’am, and our on-ground manager- Rajiv Singhal sir.

The Felicitation

The next in the series of events was a welcome speech by Aditya sir, that made everyone present there feel welcomed.

Then was the much-awaited event- the award ceremony. Awards were presented to the meritorious students to recognize the fact that their talent is an honor. Their year-round efforts were recognized. Thus, medals and tokens of appreciation were given to the little ones to boost their confidence and encourage them to continue their effort and work even harder the next year. The awards and medals of appreciation were given to the students by Mrs. and Mr. Alok Aggarwal and Mrs. and Mr. Bajwa. There was an award titled “Superheroes of SKCF” that was awarded to the volunteers who have performed extraordinarily during their internship. The ones who were there were presented with the awards and the ones who could not make it to the venue were sent the award through courier.

The event continued with speeches given by our guests from the Arya Samaj Society, Mr. Krishna Lal Bajwa and Mr. Santosh Kumar.

Then a token of appreciation was given to those who helped our family with full dedication, that included Mrs. and Mr. Gopal Khanna, Apex General Store JP, Mr. Ram Saran, and Mr. Rakesh Gupta. Then we had our cultural performances, where our students showcased their talents of dance, and also gave speeches to express themselves.

Followed by it was the distribution of sweaters and caps to the students. After this, our founder, Mr. Raghav Sharma shared a few words and expressed how happy he was with the activities that took place. And like this, our Vice President, Mrs. Kiran Sharma, and our on-ground Manager, Mr. Rajiv Singhal were invited to share their thoughts on how they felt about being a part of the SKCF Family and how has their experience been so far.

Then we celebrated Raghav Sir’s birthday by cutting a cake, after which the students presented him with gifts that filled his heart with joy and made his day even more awesome. He received the love of the kids in the form of handmade cards and chocolates. Every celebration is incomplete without everyone dancing to beats and vibing with each other. So the next event in line was dance, where everyone danced their hearts out and clicked photos so that they can keep them as memories with them forever.
The event ended with everyone being served food- aloo puri, halwa, cake, juice, and sandwiches to all the students and volunteers present there. To conclude, the event ended with everyone leaving with so many happy memories that it made their day.
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