Vocational Studies in India

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By – Mahak Garg 

Gone are those days, when people were studying for the sake of getting degrees and marks. Now a days, people acquire a particular skill and then excel in it to get employment. People are no more dependent on Schools and Colleges to get an employment. Vocational courses provide that platform to students.

Vocational Studies or Vocational Education or Career and Techincal Education (VTE) is that form of education in which people learn a particular skill that may get them into Industrial or Commercial Sector. These skills can be acquired at School level, College level, Job training programs, from any coaching classes of their nearby place or from any Online Platform. Not only does it provide employment services, but also help in the enhancement of skills of an individual.

Today, there are many Voacational courses available in the market. Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has also included many courses in there curriculum like

Commerce Based :-
• Accountancy
• Marketing
• Banking
• Retail

Engineering Based :-
• IT Application
• Civil Engineering

Medical Based :-
• X- Ray Technician
• Health and Beauty Studies
• Medical Diagnostics

Home Science Based :-
• Textile Design
• Fashion Design
• Beauty Services

Agriculture Based :-
• Poultry Farming
• Horticulture

Hospitality Based :-
• Bakery
• Mass Media
• Food Production

And many more courses are available. Government of India also offered many courses like Polytechnic, Industrial Training Institutes etc.

Vocational Education

Instead of teaching the theory and unlike those mugging up sessions or rote learning techniques, this technique help to build life skills which are necessary to sustain in any field. These skills can also be acquired by doing internships in a particular sector. This is what the Factory Model is doing.

The Factory Model was a term that emerged in mid 20 century. The idea was to train the future factory during the industrial revolution. Thay came up with an idea that istead of teaching all the subjects, students must be taught essential skills which are required to become a successful factory worker.

One can acquire these skills by doing an internship. There are various types of Internship. They may be Paid or Unpaid. They may be any sector like Public Relations, Human Resource Management, Campus Ambassador, Content Development, Graphic Designing etc. Internships not only help to excel in your field but may also teach you new things and helps to explore more things in that field. It gives you knowledge and you get to meet new people.

Need For Vocationalisaton of Education of Education in India

Now, today industrialists want their employees to specialize in some skills. You may be punctual, you may be well dressed, you may have attained good marks in your school or college but lack of skills won’t help you to get a job.

Though this system of education is difficult to be built but yes, this is the need of hour. Today, industrialists want professionals and workers want job. Both cannot meet their necessities by learning the theories. So, a person has to be more skillful than hard working.

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