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The purpose of Vigilance Awareness Week is to generate awareness in the public at large about the ill effects of corruption. Corruption in India has been an evil for a very long time. It has been with us for a long and in such an adhesive manner that we have almost accepted it, and adjusted ourselves to live with it. In India, Corruption has become a chronic ailment.

Corruption may be controlled through alternatives in its character but most importantly, not destroyed. It is a vice and the fact that being vigilant can scale it down cannot be gainsaid

However, its incidence and effects can be minimized, and being vigilant on the part of the citizenry is of utmost importance. For this to happen, the stakeholders must come forward

Vigilance Awareness Week

Although as the country moves forward it is trying its best to let off such ailments. An excellent example of one such move is “Vigilance awareness week”. The word “vigilant”, means to be careful and watch out for possible dangerous situations that can attack from any direction. 
The Central Vigilance Commission(CVC) of India every year celebrates “Vigilance Awareness Week”, a whole week dedicated to aware all the stakeholders of our society regarding the importance of being vigilant towards our society. The week is dedicated to spreading awareness among individuals, being conscious of their society, and bringing in the feeling of integrity. There is no fixed date and theme for vigilance awareness week. Although it is always related to some contemporary and relevant issue. Last year, this week was celebrated in the last week of October 2021 with the theme of “Independent India @75: Self-reliant India with Integrity”.

Theme for 2022

For this year, the date of the vigilance awareness week was 31st October to 6th November 2022, with the theme ” corruption-free India for a developed nation”.

Corruption acts as one of the main hindrances, stopping India from being a developed nation. Corruption and the development of a nation are not the two things that can go simultaneously. 

There exists a lot of problems in India such as hunger, pollution, population, caste divide, ruler-urban divide, education, etc. However, one can easily observe and analyze that corruption becomes one of the fundamental causes of these problems. Every year the government comes up with great initiatives, schemes, and plans to solve all these problems. Every year we see the problems getting bigger. The hierarchy of all these plans starts from the uppermost level, i.e. the government, and seeps down to the basic unit of the nation, i.e., the villages. Although somewhere throughout this whole pyramid we fail and the problems keep on existing. 

The nature of this failure is corruption. 

Keeping these points in their mind the CVC came up with the theme of a corruption-free India for a developed nation, wherein they encourage the private sector, public sector, educational institutions, and non-profit organizations to take a pledge to work for the development of the country. To take a pledge to never indulge themselves in any form of corruption and also to act against it. They also encourage these institutions to promote a corruption-free India by carrying out some activities throughout the week. All these tasks are not very time taking but they are impactful. They empower the youth, aware them of their rights, and remind the working professionals of their duties towards the nation. Reminds us all to be vigilant throughout the year as a citizen of this nation.

With that, we come to an end with the hope that everyone reading this understands the need to 

take a step against corruption. To take an action for us. To take a step for our nation. 


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