Unsolved Mysteries

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~ Madhu Shekhar Mallarapu

Our world is vast and has had mysteries that are unsolved to date. Many of them are either man-made or nature-created. Man created them to protect himself or to prove his prowess over the thing that he made. While nature created them to preserve its secrets and also to safeguard them from any advanced civilization like humans.


                                              Since the beginning of human civilization, humans were able to achieve great things which were revolutionary in nature as well as had the potential to change the direction of human civilization development. They include the invention of fire, the wheel, and the construction of buildings, etc. Ever since humans were able to learn to build, they were able to construct things. They created wonders that stand as mysteries for the current society. These are the top 5 mysteries that are yet to be unravelled: 

Overtoun Bridge:-

Overtoun bridge                                              

                                                          It is a mysterious bridge constructed by the white family in the 19th century. In 1859, James White a lawyer cum businessman acquired the Overton farm which is near Dumbarton in West Dunbartonshire, Scotland. In 1962, he built the Overton house. In 1884, after his death, his son  John Campbell White inherited the house. For easy access, he built the Overton bridge with the help of Henry Milner. Since the 1950s people started to call the bridge The “Bridge of Death” or “Dog Suicide Bridge”. This was due to many dogs jumping off the bridge for unknown reasons. They either died or were injured heavily. These rumours were spread like wildfire during the 2000s.

  In 2004, Kenneth Milkle was walking on the bridge along with his family and suddenly their family dog, a Golden Retriever, bolted and jumped off the bridge. She survived but was heavily traumatized by the incident. There were so many other such incidents that had occurred. The possible explanation was given by canine psychologist David Sands. He believed that these incidents are due to the design of the bridge as well as the odour of the male Mink urine can be the culprit behind these incidents. Despite many speculations, the real reasons are yet to be known.

Taos Hum:- 


                                                                   The hums are often referred to as mysterious low-frequency sounds that can only be heard by a small percentage of people around the world. There are so many places where these kinds of mysterious hums can be heard. But among them the Taos hum became famous. They were mysterious because they were not a single phenomenon and also they were not made of any kind of industrial or mining sounds. 

  In 1990, a study was conducted in Taos to solve the mystery behind the hum. They found that only 2% of the people can hear the humming sound. The frequency is between 32HZ to 80HZ. These sounds can only be heard in the early morning or cold weather conditions. Some hearers notified that they were able to hear the sounds from 48km away from the suspected centre of origin for the humming sound. And many experts believed that these sounds belong to native animals or any other industry-related. But actual reasons are yet to be known. 

Mary Celeste:-

Mary Celeste

                                               It was an American merchant brigantine that was found by a Canadian merchant brigantine in the Atlantic ocean near the Island of Azores on December 4, 1872. Although she was in the condition for sailing, no crew was found. And also goods like food, water, and alcohol enough for the six months were found on the ship. They even smelled the alcohol intact on the ship. And belongings of the captain and crew remained undisturbed. She had taken her sailing from Newyork to  Genoa on November 7th, 1872. Its captain was Benjamin Briggs who had years of experience in sailing. The actual mystery of the disappeared crew remains a mystery to date. There were many speculations regarding the missing of the crew like being attacked by a giant squid or by a cyclone, etc.

The Wow Signal

Wow signal printed paper

                                           On August 15, 1977, the Big Ear Radio Telescope in Delaware, Ohio received a powerful for nearly 72 seconds. Jerry Ehman, a young scientist in search of extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI) recorded it on his computer and printed it on paper after many days. He was scanning the deep space hoping to detect any kind of signals or interstellar disturbances. The signals appeared to come from the constellation Sagittarius near a star called Tau Sagittarii, 120 light-years away. A place where no human ever travelled or explored. He wrote “wow” on the paper that was printed with a red pen. Since then no such signal has been recorded or detected. Many scientists believe that it was a signal sent by aliens who wanted to communicate with humans and many believe that it was a normal space disturbance made by a Neutron star or a black hole. No matter what, that signal is a mystery to date. 

 The Great Attractor:-

The great attractor

It is a gravitational anomaly in intergalactic space. The scientists observed this concentrated point of gravity in The Laniakea Supercluster. It is attracting millions of galaxies without revealing its presence or power. The observations suggest that it is a concentration of mass million times greater than that of the Milkyway Galaxy. Our galaxy is situated in a place that affects our observation. This place is known as the  Zone of Avoidance. This is why with visible light our scientists can observe it. They can observe it through the effect that it shows on millions of galaxies across the millions of light-years. The movement of other galaxies towards the great attractor indicates its presence. But no one knows what is behind this phenomenon which defies all physics laws and is also more powerful than any other thing in this Universe.

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