Top 10 Content Writer Explorations

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~ Samridhi Prakash & Saakshi Sharma


The seed of writing germinates within us at different ages, different stages. Content writers are explorers who dare to wander into unchartered, unknown territory. They seek to explore and celebrate the essence of words, the interplay of different styles of writing. Content writers are creative, innovative, imaginative, bold and beautiful. Throw at them any life, be it inanimate, they hold the power to breathe life into its soulless existence. This article moves on to discuss various facets and techniques employed by content writers to make their work stand out. Hope these tips help!

Top 10 Things Content Writers Explore/Should Explore

  1.  Creating Your Own Metaphors

To script a unique piece, content writers do not rely on commonly used metaphors and idioms. They sit and observe the biosphere, not just from a single set of lenses. Content writers devise their phrases, stringing together delicate observations to make their text rich and diverse. Usage of these metaphors and similes promises a more engaging experience to the reader. 

  1.  Spinning Beautiful Tales Using Simple Words

To be a successful content writer, heavy words aren’t as important as words that convey your message. Your vocabulary list need not be filled up with words from across the globe. The requirement is to use simple words and spin them in such a way that your message is understood. Content writers should have an extensive vocabulary but must use it prudently, keeping in mind the target audience. 

  1.  Using Appropriate Keywords

Another very important taste for content writers is keyword research. This part needs to be done beforehand. The writer gives direction to the topic and the particular story they want to narrate and find keywords accordingly. These technicalities help the reader find blogs and websites as per their requirements easily. Using appropriate keywords is very important as it also expands the reader base by making the content more accessible.  

  1.  Steering Clear of Digressions and Distractions!

Distraction. A word we all are very familiar with. Writers, while creating their content often get lost inside the maze of their own words. If a proper direction is not decided beforehand it might lead to distractions and digressions from the topic while writing. So content creators have to keep in mind the destination while creating the journey.  

  1.  Writing What They Themselves Would Want To Read

Content writers are readers first. As they read they also try to improvise, to envision how they would have cooked up the story. To ensure the reader is engaged the writer is required to analyse his text through the lens of a reader. A content creator must write what he is willing to read. 

  1. Writing on subjects you never anticipated to write about

When we write by ourselves and for ourselves, we like to write about things we like and are interested in.

It’s difficult to write about all subjects that don’t concern you. But as a content creator, you must accept the challenge of writing about every subject assigned to you. This is when your ability to think creatively and learn by going outside of your comfort zone is tested.

  1.  Investigating an array of disciplines and issues 

We must extensively read about a subject before writing about it by employing various research methods. Not only that but also points related to it. When we write about a range of topics, we must dig into them as well as those that are connected to them. 

Annie Proulx said, “Reading is the finest teacher of how to write”. When reading about something, we realise that a single subject can be approached in a variety of ways. Researching and reading about the subject will help it have a greater effect.  

  1.  Modifying your material till it’s just right

Rewriting is the method of reading through a draft and correcting items that don’t fit in. It includes modifying a single sentence, replacing a word with another or removing whole parts that sound like filler. It typically applies to the broader changes that make up a new draft. 

A good piece of writing can be created if you put real effort into rewriting your sentences. The importance of editing and changing your draught is discovered during the writing process. 

  1.  Understanding the audience’s demand

As Lewis Howes said, “The most important thing to remember is you must know your audience”.

The overall piece of writing must be suitable for different intended audience types. Don’t just write as you’re writing; say it out loud to yourself. When you’re a content writer, you realise this. You learn what to present and how to present it. 

  1.  Figuring out what SEO and SMO are 

As a content writer, one eventually becomes aware of technical aspects such as SEO and SMO. This helps in generating more impact.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the method of producing content that ranks well in Google. 

Writing that is tailored for social media is referred to as Social Media Optimization or SMO writing. This is content that is intended for social media or genuine readers, rather than for Google ranking purposes.


Every time we try something new, there are new lessons to teach and new things to learn. Stepping into content writing has the same impact. Everything around us encourages us to explore and engage. It is up to us to make the most of it!

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