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~ Kritika, Tanya, Subhayan, Kirti, Pragya 

SK Children Foundation is a non-profit organization (NGO), which works throughout the year to provide the best education to the underprivileged section of society.

SK Children Foundation aims to teach children in need, subjects and life values that reach beyond the horizon of normal schooling. We strongly believe that every child should get equal opportunities in terms of education and co-curricular activities.


SK Children Foundation provides children with all the necessities, right from books to nutritious food. We even take children on various excursions, which is why funding plays a vital role for us. We have a backend team – FUNDRAISERS for raising funds for the same purpose. They attend various fundraising programs by getting in touch with various institutions, colleges, etc. They briefly explain our mission, vision, activities using PDF files and even presentations.

To seek attention, they make posters and spread the word about our website and how they can donate through it. They attend community meetings and events to promote the goals of the organization. They also prepare materials for charitable events like fundraising envelopes, bid sheets and even gift bags. A brief plan is made and implemented to ease their task. Building a relationship with potential donors is a crucial step. So, they remain in contact with potential donors throughout their tenure.


“A benefactor is a representative of God.”

                                      ~ Benjamin Whichcote

The simple act of donation can bring a change in the lives of many people. Donations overhaul the activities of a Non-governmental_organization  (NGO). A selfless organization which works to spread smiles by imparting education and securing future needs fund to work. Donations in the organization are used in rationalized ways. It brings a sense of satisfaction and internal joy to the benefactor. Availability of funds encourages an organization to promote their activities to help the ones in need. It helps to set up various assets for the benefit of children. A small contribution to the NGO can make huge differences in the lives of people.


‘Corporate Social Responsibility’, in simplest words, means the social responsibility of a business to work for the betterment of society and its under-served sections. Some societal goals of any company include – promoting education including special education; employment-enhancing vocational skills, especially among children, women, elderly, and the differently-abled; empowering women, etc.

How can CSR be integrated?

A corporate must first assess the felt need in society and the environment through people participation. This includes interacting intensively with local communities/beneficiaries, implementing agencies and company employees to seek their inputs and suggestions. It can further be integrated by tying up with various Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) or starting their own.


How is it beneficial?

” Do good and it comes back to you.”

Well planned and managed CSR programs lead to increased growth and profitability for the corporation. The benefits of CSR do not end there. Successful programs lead to happier staff, community impact (also resulting in growth for exposing a business to new markets), and environmental sustainability.

“ Working for the betterment of society is an Investment, not a burden ”. 




What are the events? How were they useful?

“ An event can be described as a public assembly for celebration, education, marketing or reunion “. 

Event management can be useful while spreading awareness, motivating individuals, developing a sense of enthusiasm and enabling reflective and critical thinking amongst the people involved.


Events organized by SKCF:

  • Ration distribution during a pandemic – SKCF distributed essential food items to approximately 60-70 families during the time of the global pandemic.
  • Holi Celebration– Everyone deserves to enjoy and spread happiness during the festival of colours. SKCF made sure that no child remains eliminated from this joyful experience.
  • Excursions to India Gate and Air Force Museum– All the children involved in our NGO, were provided with great opportunities to experience and explore the historical, emotional, intellectual aspects of various places in Delhi.


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