The Power of Self Acceptance

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~ Kritika Chauhan 

What is Self- Acceptance? 

In order to survive in this high pressure and crazy world, most of us become highly adept at self-criticism. We put ourselves through tests and keep questioning whether we are good enough. But we are so good at this, that sometimes we face the danger of falling prey to an excessive form of self-criticism, what we might call self-flagellation, a rather dangerous state which often leads to depression, underperformance and days where we might simply lose the will to get out of the bed. 

For such moments, we need a corrective. We need to take out time for an emotional state of mind, which many of us are wary of, that is, self-acceptance or self-love. We are highly doubtful because it sounds horribly close to self-pity, but we need to accept that depression and self-hatred are our enemies and hence we need to recognize and appreciate the role of self-care in our lives. 

You cannot really love yourself if you have not accepted yourself; if you have not taken out the time to know and understand the depths of who you are. Lay in bed or perhaps take a bath; produce a sequence of thoughts that interrupt and fight the flow of your worst self-accusations. 

We are in love with success to the extent that we fail to notice the scale of challenges we routinely set for ourselves. There is nothing normal about what we have tried to achieve and no success or failure is big or small. We need to accept failures and train ourselves for them; after all, life is all about ups and downs. You are like a painting that has its strengths and weaknesses. There might be some things that you have already worked upon and improved; while you may still be left with things that you wish to improve, these are all parts that complete you.

Accepting yourself does not mean assuming that everything about you is good or perfect. It means that you are aware of each and every trait, which may be negative, and believing that there is always room for improvement. Be there for yourself like you would for someone you love, treat yourself like you would treat someone you care about. Be your own best friend. You are all you got till the end. 


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