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~By Chahat Kanchan

SKCF is always ready to collaborate with organizations belonging to different fields, so as to provide help, support, and a feeling of belonging to the little ones. This time we conducted an event in collaboration with AIESEC in Delhi, which was organized on the 2nd of January 2021. The event was named Baal Kalakaar which was conducted with an intent to bring out the artists in our tiny tots.


The preparation for the event started way before the final day. Our founder, Mr Raghav Sharma was, in fact, a part of the team that was responsible for the preparation of the event, keeping in mind the covid protocols. Carrying out the event was a challenge, considering the fact that COVID-19 is spreading again and the safety of the students, as well as everyone present there, had to be assured. Keeping their safety in mind, certain measures were taken, like the students as well as everyone else present there wore their masks all the time. Social distancing was maintained and the use of sanitisers was ensured. And it was because of the hard work of the whole team that the event was a huge success.

Due to the efforts of everyone from AIESEC Delhi and the SKCF Team, the event was a huge success. The aim was to indulge the children in co-curricular activities, so as to boost their mental faculty, as they should not just be inclined to academics. Hence this event was organized. The activities included dancing and singing songs and towards the end, there was a drawing competition in which all the children participated and enjoyed. The aim of this was to make them realize that it is the participation in the event that matters, for it is only then when you learn new things.

Every event is incomplete without children dancing to their favourite songs. And so a speaker was arranged well beforehand and the kids danced to the rhythms of the music, tapping their feet and waving their hands. Even the volunteers present there had a lot of fun and were of great help.

The next thing after the energetic dancing was the drawing competition. The kids were given all the materials that they required, like stationery, paints, paints brushes, colours, A4 size sheets, and all the other necessities. Everybody did their best. There were in total five winners in the competition. Komal, Radha, Puja, Veebha, and Sandhya were the five winners who were presented with beautiful gift hampers each. And as for the other students, they all received a goodie bag that was prepared by AIESEC Delhi, which consisted of a pouch, stationery kit, paints, and some eatables.

The activity was fun for not only the kids. But it was a proud moment for the SKCF team there, for they saw the marvel of the kids. Some of them even made hand impression paintings, which were worth all the praises they received. Even the SKCF volunteers received refreshments for they were also hard and busy at work, by AIESEC Delhi.

To conclude the event was a huge success and could not have been done in a better way. This was clearly evident after the head of AIESEC congratulated Raghav Sir on the huge success of the event. And in turn, we thanked them and showed them our gratitude for all the love they showed us. Our efforts of providing education to the little ones were well appreciated which motivated us to continue our work with even more dedication and hard work.

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