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~ Mahira Saraf

After a long week of Math and Science, it was time for our SKCF students, volunteers and teachers to relax their minds and bodies with some soulful yoga. On Saturday, 18th September 2021, SKCF organised a virtual Yoga session. Don’t worry if you weren’t able to attend it, we have got you covered!

The workshop was conducted between 2 pm- 3 pm. The event began with Rajat sir greeting the students and elaborating on the benefits of practising yoga every day. After a few minutes, Govind sir, our Yoga mentor from Rajasthan joined us. He began by informing our students when and why Yoga day is celebrated. He also asked the students to lay down their yoga mats. Following this, he began with some stretching exercises along with some music to soothe. From performing Anulom Vilom pranayam while sitting in Padmasana, wrist rotation exercise (clockwise and anti-clockwise) and Gomukhasana (mountain pose yoga), we all felt that our body muscles were stretched enough. Then, sir began with the following main asanas which were performed by the students: 

  • Chakrasana- This asana involves lying down on the mat and lifting the back up in the air with the entire body weight balanced on feet and hands, making it look like an umbrella posture.
  • Mayurasana- Sitting in such a manner where the entire body’s weight is on both the hands and the legs are lifted up in the air from behind. The students found this asana a little difficult to perform, but Govind sir helped them perform it by sharing it’s technique.Benefits of Mayurasana include healing gut problems.
  • Pavanamuktasana– Lying flat on the back and lifting the knees to touch them to the stomach and staying in the same position for a few seconds by holding the knees from both arms.It is beneficial to lose belly fat.
  • Uttanapadasana– This involves laying flat on the back and lifting both the legs up in the air, arms and palms rested on the mat to maintain balance.This asana acts as a blood circulation exercise.

Other exercises included spot jogging, frog jumps, hip rotation and toe curls. Then sir gave all the students a five-minute break followed by some cool-down exercises such as neck and arm circles (clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation). At the end of the workshop, students were asked if they had fun, all the little munchkins screamed “yes” with joy. Rajat sir wrapped up the event by asking the students to practice these exercises daily, especially in the Covid times. All the students thanked and left the meeting. Overall, the event was very informative and relaxing.

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