Strength Of Team Work

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~ Pavas Shrigyan

‘The strength of the team is each individual member, and the strength of each individual is the team’.

‘Unity is strength’, we have all learnt this phrase during our childhood through a very popular story of 4 brothers, whose father taught them the importance of unity by asking them to break a single straw and then try breaking a whole bunch of straw. This is a story from which we simplified the concept of unity and its strength and we were made to understand that caring, supporting and sticking to our very own people is a prominent aspect of life. But this was only a basic pillar that was set through, and now we are all grown-ups after all and we might take the moral of this story to a bit greater extent. We have all worked or working with one or the another organization in some manner and sticking together for the benefit of it has been much of a greater significance. Let us understand how.

What is a team?

A team is a group of people who perform their very own appropriately assigned tasks
individually and present it as a whole with others. A team might have one or more team heads that are called leaders or mentors. Each individual works in small segments to combine each of it for contributing it into a whole big significant structure. Each segment, hence each individual is equally prominent and responsible for the output they receive as a whole. A team is not only about doing our portion and then leaving, rather it involves supporting and sticking to other team members as well.

Importance of team work

Team work is a holds much significance in everyone’s life, one way or the other. The success of an individual could also be directly proportional to the team work that they are a part of. It is easy to work alone, taking responsibilities of all your success and failures, but in that you don’t actually get to know about yourself, because then it’s only you whom you are facing and nobody else. But the ability, smartness, confidence, talent, and potential only matters when you are capable of bulding positive terms with everybody else in your respective fields.

Improvisation of an individual through team work

1. Team work improves a person a lot, both at individual and team level. It gives allowance to learn from others, and to seek and even provide help to the ones who need.

2. It helps in building up good relations with the people around and creating a positive environment for working, which is good for your work and mental balance also.

3. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. But in a team, with everyone working together the productivity rises neglecting the strength of weaknesses collectively.

4. It unites people. In a team, there are many individuals and henceforth, it gives scope to diverse opinions and perspectives on every single task. It leads to sharing of different thoughts and views upon it and choosing the best one out of it.

5. Team work also reduces the workload. Since the burden of a work is divided equally among the team members, shared with entire team, no single individual has to work beyond their limits and take all the load at once to get it done.

Essence of team work

We work much better when we feel attached to it. We can only give our 100% when we are allowed to enjoy our work and pushing our luck limits a bit for opening up our perspectives towards the task we opt to work upon. The connection is very important. It is a foremost component towards a efficient, healthy, positive and productive environment. The team connection could be more prominent and productive than any other factor. Any others factors could once be compromised at an individual level but if the connection isn’t strong enough then the ship might sink. Working relationships that are healthy and the scope of knowledge sharing in a team helps a lot which cannot be achieved alone. Everyone in an organization talk about building up a perfect relationship with their customers or clients but what’s more important is to build up a relationship among their employees first. So, the more individuals are connected as a team, more productive and efficient would the output be.

Situations during the pandemic

In the recent pandemic times, when everyone is running out of some or the other resources, it is very important for each of us to stick together, look after each other and help each other out whenever time demands. The time scenario we are living in is way too much devastating already and we must realize that this is not one among the numerous situations which could be dealt alone. Many people lost their jobs and others are struggling to keep it upright, many are throwing themselves at some totally different fields and others might be losing hope. But it doesn’t have to be this way, nobody asked for this right?

Why team work is so significant in recent times

This time team work is so much important as it might be only thing that could keep you moving forward. Not only out of professional attachment, try working as a family now. Help each other a bit to complete what they have started, be a little patient towards each other. Everyone needs a support, a helping hand, even an organization. Though they might had to eliminate some people but now they need to get best out of what they are left with. So, be helpful to each other in order to sustain everything and not only for your personal benefits but for others too. If your organization will get back on the same wavelength as before, then others might get recruited too. Even if you won’t get any acknowledgement, don’t back off from giving your portion of contribution. Do team work, not only for the present team but also have an insight for the upcoming members too. At last, not every team is perfect. There are various factors that help in making a good team. The team should consist of the right members. They should possess working skills and the knowledge required for their respective fields. A good team leader/mentor also plays an important role as he/she must be there to ensure that no conflicts and disputes of opinion take place at wrong
levels and solve accordingly. A team only works better when all the members are given an equal say and opportunity to communicate amongst each other. It also helps in solving their problems within the team and not even taking it further to the mentor.
Team is also about respect. People should be valued at work. Nobody tolerates disrespect whether amongst team or not. Nobody should cross the limits irrespective of their positions in a team. A team helps an individual to constantly learn from their mistakes and failures and also pushes them to evolve their strengths, therefore working in a team is more better than working it out all alone, and as said by Michael Jordon- ‘Talent wins games, but team work and intelligence wins championships’, so keep winning! 


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