Stationery and Clothes Distribution

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Clothing is a necessity and everyone deserves it. It’s not just education that one needs, but the basic requirements like food, shelter and clothing as well. In SKCF this necessity is prioritized equally along with many others such as providing study materials, stationery supplies etc. The children at SKCF have received many clothing items and essentials not only from our foundation but from various generous individuals of the society who want to put a smile on these children’s faces. 

Our foundation’s first clothing drive dates back to 2017 where the children were provided with Bata footwear. Besides clothing, stationery is also given in a come-and-collect manner where the children can come and collect a pencil or an eraser from a box. It is a unique way of teaching the kids to value their belongings as they are taught not to vicariously use what they have and simultaneously teaching them the value of money. 

In 2019, the children at SKCF received various goodies such as socks and new sweaters on Christmas making the day truly merry. With all this in mind, one cannot forget the other indispensables particularly for the female population like sanitary essentials. Breaking the stigma around the subject, SKCF provides adequate knowledge and guidance to the girls on female hygiene and sanitary usages. Not only that, these students are often provided with toiletries such as sanitary napkins and the required things altogether. On record, the foundation has given many other clothing items such as winter caps, slippers etc.

Clothes and other prerequisites are also provided through open donations carried out by our foundation. With the donations having stipulations that need to be carried out before the articles are received. For instance, no donations without proper packaging are received because they may be hand-me-downs, but the children deserve no less than a clean pair of pyjamas or t-shirt. Members work hard to get these donated items to the kids. This small act of kindness not only contributes to being environmentally responsible by recycling old clothes that are still in good condition but by helping out the children and their families who can barely afford to have such luxuries. 

Through the determination of the founders and members of the foundation and people who want to bring a change in society by giving back to the future generation. We are not only reminded of what a wonderful and giving community we still have but also the children with their innocence and their will to learn makes this foundation grow bigger and brighter.


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